Going through a break-up is tough, BUT when your best friend is the one going through it - it's even worse. Our best friends are, without a doubt, the sisters we never had... and when someone hurts them, it's safe to say that it's about to go DOWN. Seeing someone you care about hurting can make you crazy - but, more importantly, it will make you say some pretty crazy things, along with some very honest ones.

1. You are way too good for him.

2. He. Is. Stupid.

3. There isn't anything wrong with you.

4. Let me text him back. No, I won't be mean.

5. I'm going to get you some ice cream.

6. Don't you dare apologize to him.

7. I hate him, too.

8. It's okay, we can watch "John Tucker Must Die".

9. Everything is going to be okay.

10. I don't care what you did. What he did was worse.

11. Get yourself together.

12. Let's watch Madea.

13. Stop trying to call him.

14. No, honey, you don't need him.

15. Boys are scum.

16. Let's go egg his car.

17. I'll punch him.

18. Time for the wine.

19. I'm so sorry, hon.

20. No, that would land us in jail.

21. No matter what, I'm gonna be here.

Breakups are the toughest of times, I guess it's a good thing we all have that one friend that we just can't seem to get rid of!