21 Affirmations To Say To Yourself In 2021
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21 Affirmations To Say To Yourself In 2021

New year, new mindset.

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2020 was a challenging year for just about everyone. If you're like me, you may have found yourself losing sight of your hopes and experiencing more bad mental health days. But through these hard times, I can say I've come out stronger. In this new year, here are 21 things to say to yourself of to ensure this is your best year yet.

1. I am not my past.

That's right. Your past holds no ownership over you. You are free to move on from old mistakes and habits.

2. Any changes I want to make do not stem from external pressure. 

Change is a good thing! If you want to start working out more or upping your fashion, make sure it stems from a place of wanting happiness/health for yourself---and not conforming to an ideal you think the world wants you to.

3. I am not afraid to take risks. 

As we learned from 2020, the most unexpected things are possible. So, who's to say that lifelong dream of yours is out of reach? Anything is possible. When you look back on your life, you'll want to know that you at least tried.

4. My joy comes from within, not pleasing others. 

Helping others is a wonderful gift, but it's time to stop giving yourself away and sacrificing your own happiness. Setting boundaries is not being selfish.

5. I am allowed to feel joy, even in a time of pain. 

It can feel wrong to celebrate your joys when the rest of the world is filled with grief. But remember, your accomplishments and little wins in life deserve to be appreciated--no matter the year.

6. I am allowed to say no. 

Again, set boundaries. If that Zoom social hour is too much for you to handle some weeks, take a little time for yourself.

7. Toxic people have no place in my life. 

That guy who only texts you after midnight? He isn't worth your time. Especially if you're craving a real relationship. Free yourself from heart ache. This also goes for that relative that shames your body every holiday. Their opinions have no baring on your worth.

8. Toxic habits also have no place in my life. 

It's time to work on limiting the power negative thoughts have over you. Restrictive eating, binge drinking, and any other form of self-sabotage should be addressed. There is no shame in seeking help, but please allow yourself the grace to receive help.

9. Seeking help is noble, not shameful. 

If you need help with something, then by all means---make this the year you ask someone to intervene in your complicated situations.

10. Healthy looks different for everyone. 

Sure, we all know eating right and working out are two main factors in physical health. But for every individual, the right combination of foods and exercises is different. Your body will respond differently than your friend's, your sister's, and even that hot workout instructor's body. So please, be kind to yourself as you find what works for you.

11. I will say what's on my mind. 

We learned in 2020 that things can change quickly. If you love someone, tell them. If you have a brilliant idea, say it. The only thing that can be regretted from these things is not saying them soon enough.

12. I am capable of being the best version of myself. 

Not just I want to be the best version of myself. Know that you are capable of becoming that person.

13. I can do hard things.

You have before! You can do it again.

14. There is no such thing as failure, only learning. 

You didn't "mess up". You learned. And learning is a beautiful and essential part of human life.

15. I attract what I put into the world.

A negative person will only see the negative things---and therefore believe only bad things happen in their life. Someone open to the optimistic opportunities will find more and more good things in their every day life.

16. I like what I see in the mirror. 

That body you see in the mirror has carried you through a pandemic. Show it some love!

17. Social media is not a reflection of reality. 

You've used a filter before, right? Then you know how easy it is to augment reality. Stop comparing yourself to digitally edited images.

18. Every day is a gift.

That's right. You woke up this morning. Not everyone gets to see another day of opportunity,

19. I am allowed to feel sad, angry, and numb.

We're in a pandemic for heck's sake. The news is bleak and life is on hold. These emotions are normal. However, if you find the negative emotions taking over the positive ones all the time, seek professional help.

20. I am allowed to start again any day. 

You can wait until July to make any resolutions. Any day is a day where you can try again to be a better version of yourself.

21. I will make this year the best it can be. 

We don't know what will happen this year, but how you view your life this year is in your control.

As times continue to change, take time for yourself. Some days will be full of hard work. Other days will be days of rest. You will probably feel sadness, anger, and confusion this year. But I hope you make a point to feel some joy. May 2021 be a better year for you.

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