My cat is quite the character. He's your stereotypical stubborn cat with selective hearing but a total cutie... when he wants to be.

1. Move, please.


2. Do you have to lay on my face?

3. That's my chair.

4. Get out of there!


5. Hey pretty kitty.

Melissa Vennix

6. There's a turd stuck to your tail.

7. If you don't move I'm going to step on you.


8. Why won't you bury your poop?

9. Why are you eating tape?!

Melissa Vennix

10. How did you get on the roof?

11. Love me!


12. You're in my way.

13. Where did you get that?


14. Why won't you let me pet you?

15. Don't just stare at it kill it!


16. Give me that!

17. Don't eat that tape!

18. You need to get off my computer.

19. Get your paw out of my water.

20. Thanks for spilling that.... that's great.


21. Dude, move.