21 Things All Curly-Haired Girls Know To Be True
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21 Things All Curly-Haired Girls Know To Be True

Curls run the world.

21 Things All Curly-Haired Girls Know To Be True

Having curly hair is the epitome of a love-hate relationship. Some days you get frustrated in trying to perfect your curls and might even say the dreaded line of "I wish I had straight hair." Whereas other days you rock those curls as Taylor Swift did in 2009 with all the confidence in the world. Your hair days vary from success stories to colossal disasters. However, curly hair is a way in which we define ourselves, and we wouldn't quite be ourselves without it.

1. Golden rule number one: never brush it. Unless you would like it to result in Anne Hathaway's hair in "Princess Diaries".

And if you do brush it, you've probably broken a hairbrush or two in your lifetime.

2. Whoever invented the bun must have been a genius, and deserves a round of applause.

The decision to make the "messy bun" a stylish look was definitely to our advantage.

3. Braids have gotten us through our worst hair days.

You probably learned to braid when you were six, and it has been one of your most most useful skills to this day.

4. Waking up looks something like this.

Time to tame the mane. The question is how?

5. Humid days, you just have to let it happen.

Embrace it my friends, big hair and big dreams.

6. Detangler was probably your best friend as a child.

Thanks for making tangles a less painful experience. I owe you big time.

7. That moment of panic when your hair tie breaks and you don't have another one.

You are left to walk around all day like you did your hair this morning with a leaf blower.

8. Your hair may resemble a lion on some days.

If our Queen B is rocking it, we might as well follow in her footsteps.

9. Baseball hats and bad hair days go hand in hand.

Rihanna, you're our hair idol.

10. Good hair days are rare. However, the days when they occur, your confidence hits an all time high.

Compliments galore.

11. Bangs were never an option for you.

Nope, don't even think about it.

12. Hair drying options consist of: air dry, air dry or air dry.

How do salons even manage to do it?

13. You probably thought Taylor Swift was a traitor when she joined the dark side.

We can still admire those curly haired days.

14. You probably had an afro as a child.

But hey, it made for some cute baby photos.

15. You probably never had short hair.

And if you did, you probably look back and are disappointed in yourself.

16. Haircuts = the amount of anxiety Hannah Montana had when choosing between Jake and Jesse.

That hairdresser will never understand the amount of trust you are putting in her.

17. The length difference between your curly hair and your straightened hair can be shocking at times.

"It looks so much longer!"

18. You always get the same comments after you straighten your hair.

"How long did it take you?" or "It looks so pretty straight," are regulars on straight hair days.

19. When you see rain or wind in the weather for this week.

Let's mentally prepare ourselves for this.

20. Your biggest decision in school was how to style your hair on picture day.

And your hair may have played a role in your decision to take a new one on retake day.

21. At the end of the day, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Embrace your beautiful locks.

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