Living in a curly-haired world is not easy. Our lives are full of tangles, knots, and frizz, and if we attempt to brush our hair, we end up looking like a puffball. We wake up every morning and pray that our hair looks good, and if it doesn't, water is our savior. Humidity is NOT our friend. We own endless hair products that do not have the power to tame the beast. Straightening you curly hair happens every once in a while because it is a process to do so. Simply put it, it is HARD to maintain curly hair. Straight-haired friends have no idea what our world is like and do not understand our struggle. Here are five points that accurately describe our struggle:

1) Having to play that guessing game EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Is my hair going to look good today? Will it look decent?? Or will I have to just throw it up in a messy bun like I usually do? (When I'm too lazy to wash it again)

2) Looking at girls with straight hair and wishing that was you.

So many of my friends have straight hair, and I day dream what that life would be like. Being able to comb through my hair, waking up and not having to worry about doing anything to it, and not having to wash it as often. Ahh, that must be the life.

3) Looking like this when you wake up in the morning:

I can't wake up in the without my hair being tangled in knots, looking like a bird's nest. The solution I have found, however, is to braid your hair when it is damp right before you go to bed!

4) The words "brushing my hair" are not in your vocabulary.

Whenever I am nagging about my hair, my straight-haired friends will just ask, "why don't you just brush it?" Well, the answer is simply because I will look like a huge puffball and the only way to fix that is with, you guessed it, another shower.

5) Rain and humidity are NOT our friends.

I can't stress this point enough. I dread looking at the weather forecast and seeing rain showers the entire week. Sadly, that means a week of frizzy, unmanageable hair. The worst instances are when you take the time to actually straighten your hair, and you walk outside to find a surprise rainstorm, after forgetting to check the forecast.

Curly hair may be hard to deal with. It gets annoying. Sometimes you just want to curl up in your bed (no pun intended) and not leave the house because of how your hair looks that day. But then there are the days when your curls look beautifully tamed and frizz-free. You feel like you're on top of the world. Each curl is uniquely twirled and special to you; There are so many different styles of curly hair, and that is something a straight-haired person definitely can't say. So no matter what—love your curls, treasure them. Not everybody is blessed with the beautiful monster, and it can't be taken for granted. Embrace your curls!!