So you've been called an old soul?

Yeah, me too.

But what exactly does being an "old soul" mean?

I may not have all the answers, but I am wise beyond my years so here are a few reasons:

1. You're well beyond your years

"Wow, you're only how old? Has anyone told you how mature you are for your age?" Why yes, yes they have, typically every day, but thank you.

2. You skipped the "party stage"

Drinking, college parties, and staying up into the late hours of the night isn't your definition of a good time. You would much rather spend your days learning new things, going on adventures, or spending quality time with friends and family members.

3. You don't care about materialistic things

While most millennials are swooning over the latest fashion piece, technological advancements, or celebrity gossip, us "old souls" are looking to make memories that last a lifetime with the people we are closest too.

4. Your friends always turn to you for advice

You can't help it, you just seem to have all the right answers.

5. You're the "mom" friend

You're always checking in to make sure your friends did their homework or ate that day. You're also their biggest motivator, always there to cheer them on in whatever they do.

6. Your bedtime is 10 p.m. sharp

And if you stay up any later, you won't get your eight hours of sleep you need at night to function throughout the day.

7. You love old movies, music, and television shows

I mean have you heard Sunday Night Flashback on the country radio? It's definitely my favorite.

8. You like heartfelt, intellectual, and personal conversations

Small talk just isn't our thing, we like deep conversations about a person's past, their friends, and family, or future aspirations.

9. Sleep in until noon? No way, you have things to do today

Yes, we are those people who wake up early every morning because we don't like "wasting our day away."

10. You have strong morals and beliefs

You stand firm in what you believe in, regardless of how society changes, and you certainly don't let people sway your thoughts and opinions.

11. Stressing over deadlines or "to do" lists just isn't your thing

You really don't stress out about anything in your life because you know it will work out just fine.

12. You hate texting

You like face-to-face conversations where you can see the emotion on a person's face, not their emojis they sent through a screen.

13. You're a giver

You love volunteering and finding something to devote your time and energy too.

14. You always chose to sit at the adult table as a child

Remember those family Christmas parties where you sat at the kids' table? Yeah, I don't either.

15. You value deep relationships and won't settle for anything less

Life can be messy sometimes and you value those relationships that are not only there for you through the good times, but the hard times as well.

16. You want commitment

You aren't looking for a one night stand or a summer fling, you want a real relationship full of laughter, happiness, and love.

17. You just like the simple things in life

Like taking a bike ride, reading a book, roasting marshmallows over the campfire, or going on long drives with the windows down. It's all about the small things in life.

18. You're convinced you were born in the wrong era

Like seriously mom, why couldn't you have had me a few decades sooner?

19. You enjoy alone time

Although you love the times spent with your family and friends, you love the time with yourself doing the things you love to do just as much.

20. You are responsible and independent

And you definitely don't like being told what to do.

21. You know exactly who you are, what you want, and where you're going in life

Ever since you were a small child, you knew exactly what you wanted to do when you were older and what kind of life you wanted to have. As for me, I've said I was going to be a teacher since second grade and look at me now, I haven't swayed from my path once.

So for all of my "old soul" followers out there, keep on being yourself, the world needs someone to keep us all in check.