21 Reasons Why One Direction Needs A "Hiatus"
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21 Reasons Why One Direction Needs A "Hiatus"

21 Reasons Why One Direction Needs A "Hiatus"

Not long ago, One Direction announced that they are taking a break in 2016. The announcement caused a sense of panic as media sources speculated that this was the end. According to them, 1D will never return.

Yet, contrary to the articles claiming the 1D-era is ending, the boys and their fans don't find what they are doing odd. The band has had a crazy five years, and an even crazier 2015. It's about time they had a chance to step back and breathe.

Hereis why One Direction fans aren't panicking about the break.

1. They need to sleep and time to get healthy.

This promo season as been rough. Harry Styles has been visibly sick, and his voice in performances has been scratchy to the point where I just want to tuck him into bed with a cup of soup and a box of cold medicine.

He's consistently been on vocal rest, using a robot voice app during the band’s interview with Grimmy and missing the interview with Ryan Seacrest entirely.

Louis Tomlinson missed the interview with Seacrest, too, but no one is quite sure where he went. Not even Liam Payne.

All around, they just look exhausted. It’s about time they had a chance to relax.

2. They already lost one band member.

After five incredible years Zayn Malik has decided to leave OneDirection. Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis will continue as...
Posted by One Direction on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

There are a number of reasons floating around as to why Zayn Malik left the band back in March, and one of the consistent suggestions is that the grueling schedule was just too much.

It makes sense to take a break now and avoid another member being worked to the point where he wants to quit, not to mention the fact that OT4 picked up and flawlessly carried on after Malik's departure. They've earned a break.

3. In fact, they lost a lot more than just Zayn.

There’s a post on Tumblr about those who survived the On The Road Again Tour, and the list isn’t long. Girlfriends, security guards, and stylists have all backed away. Looks like it’s time to step back and regroup.

4. All the band members and crew are actually breaking.

At one point, at the end of the tour, both Harry and Niall Horan were in a boot. A show was canceled and rescheduled because Liam was unwell. Even their stylist’s daughter, Lux, was seen in a full leg cast. If they don’t stop soon, Louis might be next.

5. Harry Styles is actually going to lose it.

His poutine speech in Canada has everyone concerned for his sanity.

6. They need to go see their family.

While various family members have made appearances on tour, announcing their presence VIA Snapchat or Instagram, but each of those boys needs to go back home and truly spend time with their family.

Family Selfie
A photo posted by Nicola Payne (@np2788) on

7. It’s time to step out of the spotlight.

The 1D related headlines get more ridiculous as the days tick by and the lads are clearly tired of addressing them. From "babygate" to dating scandals and “Perfect” being about Taylor Swift, promo season needs to end so that fans and 1D alike can be saved from the hell that is uncomfortable interviews.

8. They need clean underwear and socks.

In multiple recent interviews, the boys have been asked what is on their Christmas list. Liam was the only one who has solid ideas, listing off items such as bumper boats for his pool.

The remainder of the band listed off items such as clean underwear, socks, slippers and robes, because when you live on the road, you run out of clean clothes.

Sounds like it’s time to head home and do some laundry, babes.

9. My bank account cannot handle their grueling schedule.

In the past four years, I have spent more money on One Direction than any other aspect of my life. This dreadfully high sum includes three concert tickets, one of which was VIP, multiple albums, multiple movies, posters, and more.

I need them to go away for a year so I can save my money for the next tour.

10. A rainbow bondage teddy bear is causing an insane amount of fandom drama.

This point honestly requires a whole separate article of its own. Moving on…

11. They weren’t nominated for a Grammy so clearly the world doesn’t deserve them.

Need I say more?

12. Niall needs time to improve his golf skills.

Niall keeps saying that he’s just going to play golf for the entire break. Harry is convinced that by the time 1D returns to the stage, his bandmate will be a pro golfer on the rise, but I’m not so sure.

Throwback to the one time he almost killed someone with his crazy swing.

And he falls over when he carries his clubs.

Looks like he really needs this time to practice.

Also, has anyone taken the time to genuinely sit down and realize that this 22-year-old child is actually a middle age man? Like, some of Instagram pictures and my dad’s Facebook posts are scarily similar.

13. Louis’ lads holiday is actually going to happen.

All four of them are going to disappear to some private island in the middle of the sea with no one to disturb them. And since no one will be able to track down their location, there is nothing stopping them from posting a million pictures of each other during said vacation.

14. The band and their production crew need time to reconsider their choice in radio singles.

They seriously choose “Infinity” over “Never Enough?” Life choices clearly need to be reconsidered.

15. Liam needs time to play with his 21,232 puppies.

I swear every promo season Liam announces he has another puppy. However, this time, the puppy is actually the size of a horse.

16. Louis has some FIFA to play.

The most recent scandal is that Louis buys cheats (that are apparently totally against the rules) for the video game. Clearly he takes it very seriously.

17. Anne needs to see her son.

Don’t you dare spend the entire break in Los Angeles, Harold.

Anne misses you.

Go. Home.

18. They all just want to eat their mom’s cooking.

I miss my mom’s cooking when I’m away at the dorm for three weeks. How have they managed to survive nearly five years away from delicious, home cooked food?

19. Their interviews are getting out of hand.

Tattoo Roulette was more stressful than my 20-page English paper I had to write for finals. I genuinely thought Niall was going to cry, and James Corden actually made Harry get a tattoo on late night television.

What even is this band?

20. I need sleep.

I don’t sleep when One Direction does things. I need them to stop.

21. They genuinely deserve it.

After five years of incredible success, five amazing albums, and four worldwide tours, the boys have given their fans everything and more. It’s time for them to step back, breathe and take some time to themselves.

When they’re ready to come back, they will, because Louis pinkie-promised, and the fans will be eagerly waiting.

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