21 Reasons Why You Need Spring Break
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21 Reasons Why You Need Spring Break

Have fun!

21 Reasons Why You Need Spring Break

Weather you have had your Spring Break, or are about to embark on it, keep this little list in mind, and enjoy all the moments of your break!

1. To see your best friend… a.k.a. your dog

Let's be honest, your friends are great, but no one compares to the beautiful furry face that greets you when you come home.

2. Homemade food

I do not know about you guys, but Radford food gets old real fast. A Home cooked meal is just what you need to break the dreadful cycle of Wendy's and Chick-fil-A.

3. Your bed

4. A break from roommates

You love 'em, but let's be real -- you could both use a break.

5. A break from profs

6. To get rid of the winter blahs

Because... blah.

7. No alarms

There is nothing more beautiful than the silence of Monday morning.

8. To sleep

9. To see family

10. To see old friends

Admit it, you miss your crazy high school friends.

11. To try to convince us that school isn’t so bad (lies)

We all know the truth...

12. To binge-watch several Netflix series

Let's be real, people, it feels way better to binge watch Netflix when you don't have three papers and a project to do.

13. To take a break from your diet

14. To try new things

15. To go shopping

16. To rejuvenate

17. To to get a taste of summer

As much as I love winter (mainly for the fashion), I would like to experience a day that I can be outside, and I don't feel like I'm getting hypothermia.

18. To relax

19. To catch up on school work

I mean if your one of those people who is actually a good student, then this one applies to you.

20. To read a good book

When was the last time you read a book that was not in a syllabus?

21. And last but not least… to have fun!

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