21 Everyday, Normal Things That Transcend And Bend Reality

21 Everyday, Normal Things That Transcend And Bend Reality

If there's a portal to another universe, I bet it's in that random McDonald's you stop at off an interstate in Delaware.


Nothing on this list is abnormal or wildly cosmic. Yet, all of these moments and places seem to bend reality a little. I guarantee that after you read this list, and think about these situations, a weird sensation will creep through your body.

1. Drinking a cold beverage when you’re extremely thirsty.

2. Warm water trickling down freezing cold hands.

3. That first warm day when you can smell spring and feel the sun on your skin.

4. The first smell of the sea when you arrive at a beach.

5. When you wake up at an odd hour of the night, and everyone is asleep. You know that no one is going to bother you. It’s just you and the moon. The world is completely yours for a few moments before you drift back to sleep.

6. The first few moments after you wake up from a vivid nightmare and it still consumes your consciousness. You walk around in a daze, thinking about it for the next hour. You may even think about it later that day. And while reading this, you've thought of one you had months or years ago. You still remember it.

7. The first bite of one of your favorite foods after you haven't had it in awhile.

8. Climbing into cool, fresh sheets.

9. Seeing a view that’s so big and glorious that your eyes have trouble focusing on it. You have this desperate urge to take a million photos of the same thing, but from slightly different angles. You want to imprint the image in your mind.

10. Getting off the plane in a foreign country where they don’t speak your first language.

11. Cemeteries at night.

12. Target at night.

13. In your car, sitting in a parking lot or stopped somewhere random because it’s pouring down rain and too bad to drive.

14. When you move out and take all your furniture, wall décor, and belongings out of the rooms.

15. Taking a shower in any shower that isn’t your own.

16. School hallways in the summer.

17. When you come outside from a movie theater and it’s dark, but it was light when you went inside.

18. An early morning at the beach when it’s really sunny, everything glows, and the ocean looks iridescent.

19. That moment when you finish a really good book, your eyes are tired, and your mind is still in the story. It’s like coming out of a portal to another world.

20. Hospitals at night.

21. An unfamiliar McDonald’s on a road trip.

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