Things To Do In Your 20s
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Things To Do In Your 20s

Do them while you still can.

Things To Do In Your 20s

Our twenties are a prime time for creating memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, our generation is so consumed with celebrities, social media, etc., that we often to forget how to, well, live. The world that surrounds us offers so much, but we often fail to recognize what to do with what actually does surround us. Within our 20s it's the time to make mistakes, learn new lessons, meet new people, try new things and travel different places. Take in the opportunities you receive. You only have one life, so you might as well live it to the fullest while you can. You may be wondering what kinds of activities you can take part in within your 20s.

1. Make new friends

Don't be afraid to get yourself out there and surround yourself with a bigger friend circle. Ever since I opened my friend circle to more people I've been so happy and found that there's always a new person to go on adventures with.

2. Date

So many people in this generation have never been taken on an actual legitimate date. Looking back on my teen years I had denied dates because I felt that they were awkward. Now I wish I had taken the chances when I could have. Don't be that person in their 30s that looks back on their 20s saying, "Wow I should've dated around more when I was younger." Take chances! Who knows how it'll turn out.

3. Leave Your Phone Off For A Day

Yes, I actually said leave your phone off for a day. Between all the social media network sites and texting, people often forget to enjoy the world that surrounds them. Enjoy the little things in life before you no longer can. Take a drive with the windows down, go on a hike without Snapchat-ing it and take in what the earth has to offer, which is often taken away by technology.

4. Take A Road Trip With Friends

Get a group of friends together, pick a place, split the cost and head out! Road trips with my friends have personally been some of the best memories. I highly advise everybody to do it at least once within their 20s.

5. Go to a club

The club scene is a whole other type of world. If you get the chance go to one and just have fun with it. And yes, 18+ clubs do exist but when/if you are 21+ head over to clubs, or better yet take that road trips with friends to Vegas!

6. Attend an event

This is a broad statement solely because there are so many different types of events you can attend. Between music festivals, food festivals or even just a little farmers market; explore what the world around you has to offer.

7. Go to a Concert

Concerts are a complete adrenaline rush, especially when you're seeing some of your favorite songs live. If you've yet to go to a concert within your life take advantage of it now. In 10 years or so your favorite band may not be touring.

8. Chase a Dream

Whether it be something small or something large, it's totally worth a try to go out and chase one of your dreams. You may think it's an impossible venture, but you'll never know unless you try.

9. Travel

Personally one of my favorite hobbies is adventuring to new places. Sometimes traveling can be closer or farther from home. There's so many places in the world to see, don't just stick to one for your whole life.

10. Stop Looking for Love

So many people in their 20s have this perception that you have to find love when you're young; otherwise you won't find it later on in life. They search high and low for somebody that will mutually reciprocate what they are feeling. My advice? Stop looking. Good things happen when you're least expecting them to. Have fun with life, and if somebody stumbles into your life on the journey then so be it!

11. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do something you could never see yourself doing. It's an exhilarating feeling. After stretching outside of my comfort zone I found more confidence in myself to try new things more often.

12. Learn to Accept Failure

Failure. Something nobody in their right mind wants to face. Unfortunately, we all face it a hand full of times within our life. Failure is only the first step to success. Learn from what you failed at and change it around so that you can continue your journey to success.

13. Take College Courses

I know what you're thinking. College courses are expensive why would I want to do that? Well, surprisingly, a lot of community colleges offer classes for an affordable price, or have a way where you can receive financial aid. Taking basic classes can open your mind to a whole new spectrum of topics you'd never realize are out there unless you actually take the class.

14. Exercise

I've recently started exercising again in the past few months and I would advise everybody to give it a go. It's an amazing stress reliever and your body ends up looking bomb too. Even if it's just a simple walk around your neighborhood or an intense workout, do it while your body is still young.

15. Start a Savings Account

It's amazing how much you can actually save throughout a full year. Add a dollar here and there then watch how it builds up. Most banks also offer interest on savings accounts, which builds up your money even more. In the long run you'll be happy you did it, so start now instead of 10 years from now.

16. Appreciate Your Family

Your family won't be here forever so mend those arguments and take in what they have to offer. In better or worse your family, biological or not, will be there for you.

17. Let Go of Grudges

Grudges are not worth your time. It's just a ball of negativity within your life that isn't needed. Learn to forgive and move on.

18. Try Something New

Maybe it's food or a new sport you've never played, try it.

19. Go Somewhere Alone

A lot of people hate traveling to places alone, whereas I love it. You find peace with yourself, and learn how easy it is to actually start being independent. Don't let the fact that nobody is free to adventure with you stop you from going to that place. Trust me, it gets easier and feels less weird the more you do it.

20. Love More, Hate Less

In a world of negativity, surround yourself with positivity. Spending your time hating somebody is exhausting whereas loving others is such a high.

Overall, learn to have fun with your life. We're only given one life to live so don't waste it by sitting in your room and not experiencing what the world has to offer. Do it now before you look back on all the chances you didn't take.

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