2020 Might Not Be A Slam Dunk For Democrats

2020 Might Not Be A Slam Dunk for Democrats

The Democratic party isn't as solid as you may think regardless of what the media tells you


As a political science major in college, I'd like to believe that I am pretty good at observing political trends in America. I was taught that you don't take the information given to you at face value and that it's important to do your own research before making a final decision on anything.

With that being said, you may have heard since President Trump was elected in 2016, that there is "no doubt" Democrats will win the 2020 election. After the Mueller Report and the current list of Democratic nominees, the 2020 election could possibly be a miss rather than a slam dunk for Democrats.

It is typical for one to believe that the Democratic Party will come out in force this next election to get rid of someone they have claimed to hate since day one. They have some major downfalls on top of their so-called successes, which is why it's going to take a lot of work for them to get states to turn blue.

Take Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar for example. Since the day she was elected into office, it has been no secret that she is antisemitic (which for those who don't know what antisemitic means it is "hostility to or prejudices against Jews"). Her remarks on Jews are volatile and extremely offensive for someone who sits on the Left side of the political spectrum.

Aside, need I mind you, that has always claimed to be the more "accepting" of gender, religion, and race. Her remarks against Jews could send a decent portion of Jewish Democratic supporters to the middle, which will make them fair game for Republicans to win over. It's not wise to make enemies with your supporters especially when they are generous campaign donors. While Ilhan Omar is not running in the 2020 election, her remarks/actions could be harmful towards the nominees in her party.

Jumping to the people who are actually running, this list isn't as impressive as you think it would be. If you have no political background what so ever, you'd probably only recognize 1-4 names of the 16 Democrats running. The one of the four who is relatively recognizable from the list will more than likely get the Democratic bid.

Front runners include Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker.

Bernie Sanders won't win and if you want more on my reasoning behind that stance please see my previous article.

Elizabeth Warren has name recognition but she won't win either. She is like Hillary Clinton but lesser known and has been calling herself "Native American" for way too long and now because we are a politically correct society, that statement has finally bit her in the REAR.

I ACTUALLY FEEL SORRY FOR Cory Booker WHO makes me feel this way because the guy sucks at PR. His presidential announcement video did not make any sense, as it looked like a scene out of the Nick Cannon movie "Drum Line". Since his Presidential bid announcement, all he talks about is his new girlfriend Rosario Dawson, and how they could have a White House wedding if he was elected. Maybe Cory Booker realized his ad didn't make him seem as great as he thought it would and that's why he needed the help of a celebrity girlfriend. The only votes Cory Booker may bring in are from the people who know Rosario Dawson.

Finally, Kamala Harris is the other relatively well known Democrat to go for the presidential bid. She may have it since she is everything the Democratic party wants: a female and a minority. She also hails from California so she's got celebrities in her corner and no doubt California would vote for her if she went up against Trump. But with all of this, she still isn't a well-known Senator for doing anything other than trying to hard to be relevant to young voters by saying she used to smoke pot while listening to Tupac and Snoop Dogg in college.

I truly thought the Democratic party would have a superstar, who would without a doubt sweep the vote in 2020, but looking at this list I am not so sure. President Trump still has supporters and with some of this recent extremist stuff coming from the Democrats in the House of Representatives, it's only making these supporters dig their heels in further.

If Democrats win in 2020, it won't be in a landslide like they are predicting. President Trump still has a fair shot at re-election and if these insane statements from the Left keep coming out the guy who everyone said would never get a second term just might create an upset once again.

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Why Tomi Lahren is a Hypocrite

Tomi Lahren puts all the blame on Democrats.

While Tomi Lahren spends every "Final Thoughts" video ranting about how lazy, idiotic, and immoral all Democrats are, all I can focus on is the hypocrisy. It is possible to have civil conversations about politics, but Tomi Lahren spends the entirety of each video explaining why liberals are idiots for doing one thing, while she and other Republicans are doing exactly the same. Since I do not have all of the time in the world, I can only highlight a few of these hypocrisies, but trust me, you could find many more.

1. Tomi never misses an opportunity to refer to all Democrats as "snowflakes." In fact, she has an entire "Final Thoughts" commentary on what a snowflake is. I find it interesting that Lahren defines a "snowflake" as someone who gets easily offended or gets their feelings hurt, yet reserves this term for liberals only. Meanwhile, she is also ranting about how offensive it is that people are fighting for the rights of transgender people or kneeling during the national anthem. So don't worry, Republicans get offended too, but it just so happens that they coined the insult, "snowflake," first.

2. I watched Tomi Lahren's speech at Liberty University, and within the first five minutes she had used the term "Crooked Hillary" and bashed liberals. However, she then stated that "your faith, your political beliefs, and the way in which you see the world are important pieces of who you are. Don't hide them, don't sugarcoat them, and please for the love of God, don't change them to fit in or be accepted." That is very sound advice, except wildly hypocritical coming from Tomi Lahren. She makes her living explaining not just her own political beliefs, but bashing Democrats for being absolutely moronic. She is giving this speech to a room full of conservatives which is of course why she says not to change their beliefs, because they are the same as her own.

3. Tomi Lahren is a huge supporter of our current president, and is very open about that fact. She spends a lot of her time defending him and his decisions, and stating that it is disrespectful for Democrats to talk about him the way that many do. While she seems to feel very strongly about respecting our nation's president, she doesn't have any reservations about trashing former President Barack Obama. Sure, he's not our current president, but this isn't a new thing for Tomi. Obama has been a subject of her videos since her time on The Blaze. She also claims that Democrats and the "dishonest media" will never acknowledge all the GREAT things that President Trump has accomplished. However, Tomi and her fellow Fox reporters are unable to recognize any positive thing that President Obama did during his eight years in office.

So we all know that Democrats and Republicans do not agree, and that is perfectly acceptable. But Tomi Lahren and many of her Fox News co-workers want to pretend that they are holier than thou, acting as though they are victims under attack by all Democrats. Politics is brutal. But that brutality is certainly not one-sided.

Cover Image Credit: Politico

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2020 Democrats Need To Stick Together If They Don't Want A Repeat Of 2016

Democrats have to be willing to swallow their pride if they want the executive branch to turn blue.


With a sufficient amount of democratic hopefuls, one of the largest problems in the party is actually choosing one. In the 2016 election, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were two household names that circled about. However, even after it became statistically improbably for Sanders to win the Democratic primary, he did not back down. He continued to campaign, which led to divisions in the party and might have been the reason to why the Democrats lost the election. Obviously, we have to learn from the past with the upcoming 2020 election.

Parties do better when they stick together.

When there is a division within the party, the votes get divided ultimately giving the win to the competing party. In the 2016 election, Democrats were strongly divided to a point that they were willing to vote for the Republican candidate rather than the other Democratic candidate (which did happen). Some Sanders supporters were unwilling to vote for Clinton just because it was her. They ended up voting for Trump since he wasn't Hillary. We know how that all worked out.

Democrats have to stick together and not become a hindrance to each other.

Although the candidate you were rooting for didn't win the primaries, they still share more ideals than the opposing party does. Elections are becoming more candidate-centric than party-centric which is quite concerning. Candidates have personal interests in mind and could change them on a whim. Parties have an established party platform that does change but only changes every four years.

Democrats don't want to relive what happened in the 2016 elections again.

With the high number of candidates running for the Democratic ballot, the fear of 2016 occurring again is high. Many of the candidates are extremely qualified and have dedicated voters that might put the candidate before the party. Democrats have to be willing to swallow their pride if they want the executive branch to turn blue.

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