Being a political science major takes a special kind of spirit. You live in a constant state of frustration, anger, confusion, and sadness due to some of the ignorance you have witnessed in the world. It's hard for us to believe there are people out in the world who don't think about politics 24/7 like we do. People think it's a joke major but they aren't the ones writing 8-20 pages to try and convince their professor that adopting Marxism is not the most successful way to run a society or that Socrates was a lunatic. It's not for everyone but for us who have followed this life trail, it is everything. We love our country and are proud to be Americans. We chose this major so that we can become well educated civilians who can eventually lead America into further greatness. If you're a poli sci major, you'll find these 20 things extremely relatable.

Your 18th birthday was the greatest day of your life because it meant you could finally vote.

You are a PRO at taking blue book exams.

The Fourth of July is your favorite holiday.

You've spent at least one of your summers in college doing an unpaid internship for some politician or lobbyist firm.

At least one of classmates have already started campaigning for their 2040 presidential run.

You've volunteered for a campaign at some point in your life.

Your Netflix queue consists of shows like: House of Cards, Parks and Recreation, Madam Secretary, Scandal, and West Wing.

You have VERY strong opinions on the Federalist vs. Anti-Federalist debate.

Hamilton is your favorite musical because it's historically accurate. 

When you tell people your major, they assume you'll be going to law school after you graduate.

You use the term 'Machiavellian' correctly because you've actually read Machiavelli.

You're that weirdo that loves to talk about politics whenever the opportunity presents itself...even at parties.

Chances are very high that you ran for student body president at least once when you were in high school.

Your friends no longer bother watching the news because they know they can just ask you to fill them in.

You want to throw yourself off a bridge whenever someone says "I don't really pay attention to politics, it's boring".

Whenever you visit D.C. you get a sense of overwhelming pride for your country.

When you and your poli sci friends get together you mainly just debate about world issues.

Your classes consist of writing papers to try and convince your bias professor your view point is correct.

You and your significant other always dress up as a political power couple for Halloween.

You have a well thought out reason why a certain President is your favorite.