Contrary to popular belief, there are females out in America that are conservative. There are probably not as many compared to the massive amounts of liberal females, but trust me, we exist.

It's hard to be a conservative woman in today's America.

Want to know why? It is because it is automatically assumed that since we are women, we should all be on the same page when it comes to politics. If you are interested in politics, you know it's VERY hard to get everyone to agree with everything a party stands for. With that in mind, this is where the magical rare unicorns that are conservative women exist.

We do not agree with a majority of what these feminist movements stand for, and we have a different view as to how current situations should pan out that align with the conservative viewpoints, which is why we see ourselves as conservatives.

What do conservative women believe?

I can't speak for every woman who identifies as a conservative but most of us believe being a feminist nowadays has taken it to an extreme.

Does that mean we are not for things like equality or immigration reform? No! If a woman does the same job as a man, she should be paid the same amount as him! That's common logic, and the fact that women aren't currently being paid the same as men is a bunch of bullshit.

Immigration reform –– yes it needs to change but in a way that is beneficial for everyone, not just the immigrant. If you want to live here, you can. But you need to do it legally.

I don't think that's a lot to ask as I know if I tried to get citizenship in another "safe and sustainable" country they would make me do the work as well.

You need to pay taxes, you need to get a job, and you need to contribute to society. I am not doing all of that so you can stay at home and collect the benefits of my tax dollars.

Speaking of taxes, I want a say in what they go to. I am okay with a state and federal tax (to some extent) but if my tax dollars help fund something that goes against my moral and political beliefs, I would like the right to pick where my taxes go.

The next stance is on the most delicate which is that of healthcare.

There are two ways to view this issue but it's semi-comedic most liberal assume it's strictly because those of us who are Christian conservatives view the clump of cells as a baby aka a human life. The non-religious conservative view is my tax dollars are paying for other people's birth control and clinic visits.

If you want to have sex, that's up to you and your partner but if you're going to do it without paying for your own protection, you should have to deal with the consequences of your actions like everyone does for literally anything else in life.

It's your body and it is your choice but my tax money should not be used to pay for your birth control or your abortions.

It's fine that conservative women are shunned from feminist movements but that doesn't mean we can't also be feminist in our own way. To the liberal women, stop saying you represent "all women" when you don't. You represent a specific group of women but not ALL.

It's okay to have a difference in opinion on how government should work.

Just because your views don't line up with mine and vice versa, does not make you a bad person. That's the beauty of America is we are all allowed to have our own opinion.

So while the liberal bias society we live in today would like to forget that there are women out there that are conservatives, I am here to burst that bubble and tell you we exist and we are proud of our stances.