2020 NFL Mock Draft
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2020 NFL Mock Draft

J'Austin White 2020 Mock Draft 1.0

2020 NFL Mock Draft

With Football Season approaching and the end of another season, it is time to start talking NFL Draft 2020. College football has wrapped up its season with a new National Champion the LSU Tigers, and as for the NFL, only the Super Bowl remains. With that being said, we are finding out what changes are coming to coaching staffs and which players are declaring for the draft. These are my best predictions as of early 2020.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

1. LSU QB Joe Burrow


Joe Burrow is most likely the number one pick here, the reigning Heisman winner has shown absolute dominance this season. Joe burrow accounted for 8 TD's in the playoff win against Oklahoma, and even with a fully healthy Tua, it's hard to see them drafting any other QB or player here. Burrow continued to excel in the National Championship he moved through the season with little flaws. I would say this is with out a doubt Zac Taylor's guy.

2. Washington Redskins

2. Ohio St EDGE Chase Young


Chase Young didn't receive Heisman votes for nothing, the kid is a monster. He recorded some big numbers and is most likely the best player not at QB in the draft. Words can't describe the raw talent this kid possesses. While he didn't have his best game in the playoffs, he pushed hard and should show talent at the next level similar to the Bosa brothers who are Ohio St Alum, and top 5 picks of the last couple years. Nick Bosa from this years class is most likely the NFL defensive Rookie of the year.

3. Detroit Lions

3. Ohio St CB Jeffrey Okudah


Ohio St had a lot of success this season and Okudah was a big part of it. Even in the playoff game, he showed he could match up well with talented WR's such as Tee Higgins and Justyn Ross. Regardless of the outcome of that game, Okudah showed excellence all season at his position and would be huge upgrade for the Lions. Okudah shows elite athleticism and should most definitely be a top 10 pick.

4. New York Giants

4. Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy


Jeudy shows the rare traits of former Alabama Wr's Julio Jones and Amari Cooper, with that being said he will definitely be a high pick with a lot of upside. Jeudy has elite athleticism and could be the best WR the Giants have had since Odell Beckham's departure he could bring similar skills with a fewer distractions.

4. Miami Dolphins

5. Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa


With the potential amount of talent that could be here, it's hard to pass up on Tua. The Dolphins can go a lot of different ways here though. The Dolphins have a big hole at running back as well as a few on the O-Line, but Tua has rare talent that could really outweigh any negatives about him.

6. Los Angeles Chargers

6. Oregon QB Justin Herbert


With Philip Rivers most likely not returning to the Chargers next season, it's time to find a new answer at QB. Herbert could have easily been the top QB in last years draft, but he chose to return for his senior season and while often times that doesn't seem to workout it looks as if it will.

7. Carolina Panthers

7. Auburn DL Derrick Brown


At 6'5 and over 300 pounds Derrick Brown is an absolute nightmare to block. He could be a huge upgrade for the Panthers, especially if they loose key D lineman like they may. The Panthers have a new coach who is a character builder, and Derrick Brown for the most part has shown really good character on and off the field.

8. Arizona Cardinals

8. Clemson EDGE/DB Isaiah Simmons


A versatile athlete Simmons can play Defensive End, Outside Linebacker, or even Safety. Simmons is one of my top prospects. I have seen many people with his size play the safety position so swiftly. He reminds me of Sam Chancellor, when he was in his prime with the Seahawks. He can also easily play the outside linebacker position.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars

9. LSU DB Kristain Fulton


The Jags definitely have a need at CB after trading away all pro corner, Jalen Ramsey. They could choose to answer that here or wait till the 1st round pick they received for him. Kristain Fulton has shown he can stick with big receivers in big games this season. His upcoming matchup with Clemson will be huge.

10. Cleveland Browns

10. Georgia OL Andrew Thomas


Thomas could be off the board sooner with his upside. He led the O line to a lot of success at Georgia, something the Browns could definitely use. The Cleveland Browns have yet to hire a new head coach so it is hard to say what direction they will go in. With that being said, Andre Thomas is most likely the best Lineman in the draft, and the Browns could use a little help there.

11. New York Jets

11. Oklahoma WR Cedee Lamb


A lot of people are arguing which WR goes first, whether that is Jerry Jeudy or Cedee Lamb. Both potentially have top 10 talent. With that being said, give Sam Darnold the much needed boost he needs here. CeeDee Lamb has the potential to be a top receiver at the next level. He doesn't necessarily have elite speed, but he runs routes really well and racks up a lot of RAC.

12. Las Vegas Raiders

12. Clemson WR Tee Higgins


Give some flash to the new show in Las Vegas. A playmaker in Tee Higgins that the fans will love, and Raiders desperately need. Gruden also seems to love Clemson Players. Tee Higgins is built similarly to Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans, but with a little less bulk. He is fast and tall and not many players can catch the ball over him.

13. Indianapolis Colts

13. Penn State EDGE Yetur Gross-Matos


Matos is a player with wide range and can make plays all over, an added boost the Colts could use on defense. The Penn State Defense was one the best throughout most of this season, and a lot of that success has to deal with this player, right here, who was continuously making plays this season.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

14. Alabama OL Jedrick Wills Jr


Picking a lineman here could really bolster this offense and help whoever is at QB have more time so they are less likely to turn the ball over. Some people would argue that Wills is the best Offensive Lineman in this draft. We won't truly know until the combine, but he has been a pretty solid player in his time at Bama.

15. Denver Broncos

15. Iowa OL Tristan Wirfs


Give Drew Lock the much needed protection he will need if he is to be the guy going down the road. The Broncos could also look to add help to their aging defense, but I think offense should be the first priority and consider going after a WR here if not an O-lineman.

16. Atlanta Falcons

16. Iowa DL AJ Epenesa


The Flacons have needed to add talent on the defensive line for a few years now. Epenesa could be the solution to that problem. Before the season, I thought Epenesa could make a strong case to be the best player in the draft. That didn't quite pan out. He still has elite skills and big size. With a little more push, he could be really good at the next level.

17. Dallas Cowboys

17. LSU S Grant Delpit


I truly think Delpit possesses the ability to go a lot higher in this draft. With that being said, this would be a dream come true for the Dallas Cowboys. Wherever the ball is, he is. Delpit has wide range. He is truly a playmaker and shows talent similar to former LSU Safety, The Honeybadger, making LSU's case for being DBU even stronger.

18. Miami Dolphins (Via Pittsburgh Steelers)

18. Alabama DB Trevon Diggs


Trevon Diggs has had a pretty solid career at Alabama. He has a lot of potential at the next level wherever he is to play, whether that is at safety or at Corner. Diggs could be of use almost anywhere in the Dolphins secondary. Although they played well the last few games, they have some questions. They had a lot of people end up on IR this season and traded away like Minkah Fitzpatrick their starting safety.

19. Las Vegas Raiders (via Chicago Bears)

19. South Carolina DL Javon Kinlaw


The Raiders could use another big man on the defensive line so why not add someone like Kinlaw who is 6'6 and a little over 300 pounds. The Raiders did well at upgrading their defense with this past year's draft class so why not give it one more added boost that could really make them a contender.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Los Angeles Rams)

20. Boise State EDGE Curtis Weaver


While a smart move might be to go after a WR or an o-lineman here, the Jags have a thing for going after defensive talent. Weaver has a lot of potential. He has great size and plays tough. He could easily be the next big piece to a pretty talented yet underrated Jaguars Defense.

21. Philadelphia Eagles

21. Colorado WR Laviska Shenault


The Eagles desperately need help at the WR position. They played a game this season in which they only had two active WRs in it, and their best WR over the last few weeks was Greg Ward, the former QB, who came off the practice squad this year. No disrespect to Ward, but the Eagles could use a boost at the WR position, and Shenault is just that. Shenault is one of my personal favorites in this class. He is someone who scores and has a playing style similar to that of Julio Jones, and they are around the same size.

22. Buffalo Bills

22. LSU EDGE K'Lavon Chaisson


The Bills have a pretty good defense, but their pass rush core is getting older. It's time to bring in some young explosive talent, and that is K'Lavon Chaisson. Chaisson hasn't been the most consistent player, but he has high upside and adding him to this already talented Bills Defense would be a nightmare for other teams.

23. New England Patriots

23. Purdue TE Bycen Hopkins


The TE position was nowhere near the same without, Rob Gronkowski, this season. While Hopkins may not be him entirely, he is a close fit and would be a huge improvement, something that Brady desperately needed this year. The biggest question for the Patriots is, will Brady Return, if not, will drafting a QB be the solution?

24. New Orleans Saints

24. Oklahoma LB Kenneth Murray


Murray could prove to go higher especially now that Dylan Mosses announced he will be returning for his senior season at Alabama. It makes Murray the sure number one inside linebacker in the draft. The Saints could probably use some help on defense, and that always starts with the heart of the defense, the Middle Linebacker. With Murray being the best in the class, most likely, it would be a good move to elect him here. The Saints have lost in the playoffs on the last play three years in a row so the defense needs to step up.

25. Minnesota Vikings

25. Florida DB CJ Henderson


Henderson had an up and down career at Florida, but overall pretty solid. It would be a very nice addition to the Vikings secondary, who have struggled against the pass this season. The Vikings Defense has definitely had an up and down season, but after a huge playoff win, it looks like this addition will only help them get a little further and would be good for the future as well.

26. Miami Dolphins (Via Houston Texans)

26. Georgia RB Deandre Swift


While The Dolphins most likely should focus on the O-Line here, why not go and get D'Andre Swift, debatably the best RB in the draft. The Dolphins need help at the position as 37-year-old QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick was their leading rusher this season. Swift follows a line of Georgia Running Backs, most recently Nick Chubb. He had quite a bit of success this season, another being Todd Gurley who has had some success, more so earlier in his career.

27. Seattle Seahawks

27. Auburn OL Prince Tega Wanogho


The Seahawks could use a little more consistency on the O-Line and investing in someone to protect the highest paid QB in the league, Russell Wilson, wouldn't be a bad idea. Prince is a big guy at 6'7 and a little over 300 pounds. He could provide good protection as he has in his time at Auburn.

28. Baltimore Ravens

28. Alabama EDGE Terrell Lewis


The Ravens look to be pretty solid all around. With that being said, I would say the position with the most concern is probably Outside Linebacker or Defensive End both positions that Terrell Lewis can play. Lewis would be a fun name to have back in Baltimore. Even if he doesn't live up to the legacy of Ray Lewis, he will certainly play hard and disciplined football.

29. Tennessee Titans

29.Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor


It's hard to imagine the Titans wouldn't re-sign Henry, but in the case that they don't, they will have a big hole to fill. The only reason I can see them not re-signing him is if the price is too high, and he has been put to use quite a bit even in college where he carried the ball over 300 times. Taylor is explosive and was in Heisman conversations all during the last two years.

30. Greenbay Packers

30. Alabama WR Henry Ruggs iii


The potential of this kid could be huge, if healthy. He could prove to be to the ranks of NFL WR Tyreek Hill which is big praise. Ruggs has that elite speed and can be shifty. He could easily provide something they haven't had since Randall Cobb was early in his career with Green Bay. Ruggs is a pretty sure handed receiver something the Packers could use. Outside of Davonte Adams, there isn't much consistency at the position.

31. San Francisco 49ers

31. Alabama DB Xavier McKinney


Why not add more talent to a defense that was already hard to play against this year? Xavier McKinney is someone who can play at Corner or at Safety, and the 49ers could use a little more help at both especially at corner where their only reliability is Richard Sherman who isn't getting any younger.

32. Kansas City Chiefs

32. Wisconsin OL Tyler Biadasz


This could very well be a boost that puts KC over the top on offense. Biadasz can play Center or Guard but will most likely be a center in the NFL. He has the upside of someone such as Alex Mack. A center with elite skills can open up more opportunities for Patrick Mahomes, and the Chiefs Offense allowing more time to throw the ball and more room to make plays running the ball.

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