10 Wedding Trends For 2019 You'll Want To Know About
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From Avocado Proposals To Unplugged Ceremonies, These Are The 11 Wedding Trends To Know In 2019

Pre-Wedding Vacay? Count me in!

From Avocado Proposals To Unplugged Ceremonies, These Are The 11 Wedding Trends To Know In 2019

So far in 2018, wedding trends have included pizza bouquets and even avocado-themed engagements.

If you haven't heard about the latest proposal fad, Avocado proposals have been bombarding our Instagram feeds recently, and we're here for it.

The internet has been totally obsessed with this idea ever since an Instagram post went viral, circulating almost 10K likes. And tbh, we get it, is there really anything better than being presented with a diamond ring nestled into a ripe avocado? I think not.

And with 2019 right around the corner and fall proposal season in full swing, we are ready to tie this knot with the new year with the most extra millennial wedding trends our minds think up, including way more avocado proposals of course.

Here are the 10 wedding trends we can't wait to be re-tweeting this wedding season:

1. Mix & Match Groomsmen Attire

Step aside, bridesmaids--it's the groomsmen's turn to mix and match. In 2019, menswear may take center stage down the aisle, with a focus on tailored fits and pops of color, checkered patterns, floral prints, and polka dots are just a few styles that may make it on trend.

2. Unplugged Ceremonies

Unplugged ceremonies may already be trending, but this wedding season may go viral with DIY "unplugged, no pictures please" signs flooding Pinterest.

Expect electronics free weddings will continue to increase in popularity. My guess is we'll see more signs with cute puns popping up and encouraging guests to put away their cell phones and enjoy the moment.

3. Tiaras

Of course with the recent royal wedding, tiaras could be making a comeback as brides try to make their fairytale dream wedding complete as a princess.

10. Small Plates

Sit‐down meals will always be my favorite and this unique twist allows brides and grooms the opportunity to experiment and customize their menus. Couples may be requesting small plates this wedding season and adding on extra courses, giving guests the chance to dabble in lots of options on a much smaller scale. This is a great way to keep guests from the inevitable food coma and heading to bed early.

5. D.I.Y Food Stations

Menus and desserts are getting more and more creative every year, and 2019 will be more different. I'm predicting lots of DIY food bars including chocolate fountains, pasta bars, s'mores, ice cream sundaes, you name it.

6. Naked Cake

Millennial's are all about being a little bit different what better way to be different then with a naked cake? My guess is cake's decorated with only the couples favorite fresh fruit will dominate the wedding industry come spring 2019.

7. Small Bridal Parties

With micro-weddings on the rise, large bridal parties are out a part of fur is in. In 2019, Brides and grooms should simply ask their sibling or best friend to be "I Do" crew for a more intimate and less hectic experience.

8. Polaroid Cameras

Wedding guests everywhere are so over the cliche photo-booth with cheap props, in 2019 brides and grooms should break out the big bucks for a Polaroid at every table. Couples can also scoop up all the left behind photos and send them out with their thank you notes.

9. Technologic weddings

I know I said unplugged ceremonies, but drones are hot right now and I'm sure they'll be at a couple of peoples weddings. Couples are employing drones to take memorable snaps of their big day from a great height while using an array of other advanced technologies to capture the experience on video. Woah.

Also, have you heard of video-mapping? Me either, but it's a thing and it's here and apparently people want it for their weddings.

10. Engagement Moons

Let's be honest, what sounds more exciting, planning a whole night you'll barely get to experience and you'll be wearing WAYYY to much white fabric even try to enjoy? OR planning a two-week trip to somewhere amazing with only your favorite person on earth? I'd pick the latter too. In my opinion, The married couples of tomorrow may ditch traditional honeymoons and opt for post engagement honeymoons instead.

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