5 Of The Best Fitness Tools For The New Year
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Every year, I make the resolution to get fit, only to run 20 miles in the first week, give up all carbs for kale chips in the second, and then fall into a cycle of hot dogs and Netflix bingeing, all before January ends.

Thankfully, it is now easier than it has ever been to carry that resolution through February 1st. There are apps and online programs for every budget and fitness style. Here are the top 5 tools to help you get fit throughout the year.

1. Full body workout for beach bums

The TIU program is geared towards women who want to get fit, toned and build a community. The founders, Karena and Katrina provide guidance from day one, whether you sign up for their paid plan or their free one. They also offer meal plans and recipes, daily workouts sent directly to your phone, and motivating emails throughout the week to keep you moving. The two ladies travel the country holding huge classes and encourage their members to document their fitness journey through Instagram, creating a tight-night TIU community.

2. Food and fitness tracker for calorie counters

Anyone who has tried counting calories knows just how frustrating and tedious it can be. My Fitness Pal takes a headache away, by making your food searches simple and quick. They have thousands of foods and portion sizes stored on their app, so you shouldn’t have to enter your Caesar dressing separately from your salad. The app also tells you how many calories you’ve burned while exercising, based on the exercise, and how long you were active.

3. Free practice and challenges for yogis

The day I found Do Yoga With Me was a pivotal one. No more racing to get to classes, scrounging up the $25 and feeling judged for being a beginner. You can practice at your own pace and in the comfort of your home, garden, park, or wherever you like. You can plan your practice based on individual poses, your level, the muscles you want to work, or how much time you have available. There are also challenges available, which are a great way to get started and create a habit.

4. A training buddy for runners

With Map My Run, you can create a personalized training program, create running routes so you don’t get lost, or simply track your runs. The app uses GPS to monitor your distance, pace, calories, and duration. You can create goals and set reminders to get out and run. The app also tells you stats like your longest run and fastest pace, adding to your sense of accomplishment.

5. The ultimate customizable workout for those who want it all

If you want to take advantage of an app that has a little bit of everything, Sworkit is the one for you. You can select preset workouts like “Get Moving Without Sweating” and “Rump Roaster,” or you can design a workout based on your specific goals. The app walks you through the various moves and increases in difficulty over time. The app itself is free, and there are more involved programs starting at $10 a month that you can cancel at any time.

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