Still Think 2016 Was The Worst Year Ever?

It has been stated many times throughout social media and just in general that, “2016 was the worst year ever.” I find that statement very amusing and honestly hearing it over and over again makes me want to cringe. Society needs to realize what a catastrophe actually is. Being very fascinated with history I have just been standing back and thinking. History has taken it's toll on the United States.

Let’s just go back to the 1920’s leading up to present time. 1929 was the year that the Great Depression began, this event put Wall Street into a complete panic and wiped out millions of investors. About 13 million to 15 million Americans were unemployed and about half of the banks across America were failing. But yes, your broken nail really succeeds families not being able to eat three meals a day. Your broken nail that you could fix in a 24-hour period is way more relevant than a financial crisis that lasted approximately ten years.

Remember that puddle you accidentally stepped in last week? Yes, that is way more relevant than hundreds of Japanese planes attacking Pearl Harbor in 1941. You know those 2,000 soldiers who lost their lives? I am sure they would have been more devastated if they got their precious jeans a little dirty. How could society not think about the families who lost their loved ones in a horrible battle verses loathing over the most ridiculous “catastrophes.” I can only hope that more people would take recognition to their own selfishness. But hey, who am I to judge if you think dropping a pile of books equates to having the worst year ever.

Let’s jump to 1962 when Soviet’s installed missiles on Cuban land which was about 90 miles from U.S. soil. Remember when you were having a fit because you forgot something at the grocery store? Well, Kennedy was having a fit because there were U.S. citizens present at the time of installation of the missiles. There were thirteen days of a standoff between the Soviets and the American military. Thirteen days of soldiers destroying their body to ensure that they are keeping the U.S. as safe as possible. Just keep these events and various years in the back of your mind when you make the statement, “2016 was the worst year ever”.

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