We all know the 2016 Presidential election has been an election like no other with its drama, insults and grade school arguments, but no one explains all of our mixed emotions regarding this election better than Nene Leakes.

1. When Hillary announced she was running for President

2. When Donald Trump announced that he was running for President

3. When Donald Trump won the Republican nomination

4. When Donald and Hillary tied in the polls

5. When Hillary told Donald to delete his twitter

6. When you hear someone is actually voting for Trump

7. When you hear Hillary give a speech

8. When you hear Donald give a speech

9. When Trump starts going off script

10. When your family talks about how great Trump is

11. Telling your friends not to vote for Trump

12. Getting nowhere with a Trump supporter

13. Hearing Fox News and Bill O'reilly bullshit

14. When you hear someone talk about Hillary's emails

15. Anxiously awaiting November

16. The night Hillary wins the election

17. Bye, Donald