On January 20, 2016 Donald J. Trump was officially sworn in as The President of The United States of America.

There have been many different reactions to this. People have cried, fought, celebrated, or just sat in their emotions because this was a total outrage. How dare a reality tv star and business man think think that he could just come right in, run for the Republican nomination, win that, then run against the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, who had thirty years in politics under her belt and beat her. How dare he. Trump really should have just sat this one out and let Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, or any of the other 34 nominees run against Hillary.

Since the day President Trump (Yes it is still weird that he will be called that) announced that he would be running for the office of The President of The Untied States he has been bashed left and right from every single news outlet, including Fox News which is more of a Republican network, and millions of citizens from sea to shining sea. Some of this may be from the fact that in the beginning of his run, there were those that felt like this would last just a couple of months, he would see how much work it would take, become disinterested and then drop out. Yeah.... About that... Even with the seemingly 24/7 news coverage he kept trudging along and ended up shocking the world, well, just those that voted for Clinton and won the election.

It became very clear early on in his run for office that there were going to be stories from his current life and past that were going to shine a negative light on the Presidential hopeful. From comments made off camera with Billy Bush, to supposedly mocking a reporter with a disability, calling Hillary Clinton a 'nasty woman", saying that climate change was created by the Chinese, and a number of other negatives. What also became very clear, was that it was going to become very "popular" to bash Trump and say that you were "with her". From celebrities, news outlets, politicians, every day citizens and even President Obama himself all began to jump on board with Hillary. Expressing their love for her via social media, television or showing up at rallies like Beyonce, Jay Z, and LeBron James all did. Hillary herself took the time to bash Trump. Most famously at a high dollar fundraiser she called Trump supporters, "A basket of deplorables."

Now with seemingly everyone in the country having a grand old time bashing Donald Trump, it seemed like that he could not possibly win this election. If you asked people on the street who they would be voting for you were probably more than likely to run into a Clinton supporter than a Trump one. The final polls before election day even showing this as well. That if Hillary did not win the nomination it would indeed be a shock. Well, as the election drew to a close it turned out that the polls run before election day were worthless because the exact opposite happened as to what was projected to happen.

For this I have only one explanation as to why this happened. Hear me out on this. Because it was so popular to bash and criticize Trump what did that mean for those who supported him? If you were one who was so brave enough to proclaim your support for him, you would almost certainly be publicly shamed, mocked and harassed un-relentlessly. This would happen because a good number of Hillary supporters believe that Trump is a sexist, racist, homophobe who should be nowhere near the oval office. Since you support Trump, obviously that makes you a racist, sexist and a homophobe. Or you are in support of a person who is all of those things. So, instead of dealing with all of that, people were more than willing to say that they would be voting for Hillary Clinton on election day rather than Trump because they did not want to deal with the consequences of saying that they would be voting for Trump.

People are under the impression that Donald Trump is a racist when he indeed has made no racist remarks. Because members of the KKK or a Neo Nazi group support him they jump to the conclusion of, "WAIT! RACSITS SUPPORT TRUMP... SO HE MUST BE A RACIST ALSO!" Well, that is where your argument is a little dull. Those groups supported Donald Trump in his run for presidency because they felt that he was the better candidate between the two. With that support from those groups, comes the votes from the people that support those groups. "Oh, this group I support has said they are voting for this candidate, so I guess I should vote for this candidate as well." It's stupid but a simple logic.

Trump used the fact the he was not a politician to his advantage while running for election. Commonly saying at rallies and debates that if you voted for Hillary that you would just be getting another four years of President Obama. For a lot of people that was enough. He plead to those that were tired of the politicians and the "establishment" by not supporting the very people who put them in office. He said the crazy stuff that some Americans have wanted to hear politicians say for years but can't because those politicians have their own special interests in mind or didn't want to offend anyone. Trump on the other hand, well maybe he has some special interests at heart that we will later find out, but it was really just his "I don't give a damn what you think about what I am saying. You are either going to vote for me or you are not" approach that really struck a cord with millions of Americans.

In the end, Trump won the election. Though millions upon millions of Americans say that he didn't because he did not win the popular vote. Hillary finished with nearly three million more votes than Trump. However, he won the key swing states that were projected to fall Clintons way and thus helped him in securing the electoral college win. This has only happened four other times in the history of the United States, in 1824 Adams won over Jackson, in 1876 Hayes won over Tilden, in 1888 Harrison won over Cleveland, and in 2000 Bush won over Gore. All of these presidents lost the popular vote but won the election, so why was there such an uproar this year? Perhaps it's the nearly three million lead Clinton had over Trump or maybe it's the fact that people bashed Trump so much and disliked him so much that they couldn't cope with the fact that their candidate lost even though she won the popular vote.

Either way, Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of The United States of America. No amount of protests, Facebook posts, rallies is going to change that. There is nothing more than we can do as a nation to change the result. All that we can do is hope and pray the President Trump does a good job and leads this great nation in the right direction. Hoping that he fails at doing his job, is like wanting the pilot to crash the plane that we are ALL on.