2016 Election Of Hell

I am afraid. I am afraid to walk outside of my house tomorrow. I am afraid to interact with anyone tomorrow. I am afraid what the next 4 years will have in store for me as a 25 year old woman living in the United States of America. I am ashamed to live in a country that has just chosen a man with no political experience, with at least 12 accused incidences of Sexual Assault, hates the LGBT community, has a great relationship with Russia and it's leader, wants to build a wall between Mexico and the USA, and someone wants to ban and deport all Muslims from the United States. These are just the surface reasons why I am afraid that after 8 years under the Obama administration we turn to at least 4 years of the Trump dictatorship. Before I go any further into this article, please note that this is just my opinion; if you voted Trump I respect your decision and I am happy you voted. This is again JUST MY OPINION and I don't mean to offend anyone. Alright back to your weekly scheduled programing (article).

My emotions even several days later have not waivered much from the fear and not being comfortable in my own skin feeling. The fact is, Americia, this great nation just elected a racist, hateful, and mean jerk into office. Trump has made it ok to sexually assault women, not respect freedom of religion or speech, and created so much hate and violence with in this melting pot of this country. And, this is the man that is going to be the next comander and chief of the United States Of America? What is wrong with this country? Are we just afraid to elect a woman as president? Or are there to many familiar players in the political arena?

The feelings that are inside of my heart and brain are fear. Fear for myself, fear for any women, and one in the LGBT community, fear for any person with a different religion (other than christian), fear for people with different ethic backgrounds, skin colors, and who doesn't fall into Trumps idea of the american ideal. Within the first week after trump has become the president elect the amount of violence that has started, rascism, and hate. The amount of hate oozing out of half this country is sickening. And the worst part is now people think this is socially acceptable due to Trump being elected into office. So, everyone buckle up and prepare the the next 4 years of a rascist, bigot, and hateful man that doesn't know what hes created and or how to fix it.

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