20 Memes Of Encouragement To Get Through The End Of The Semester

20 Memes Of Encouragement To Get Through The End Of The Semester

"Work hard for what you want because it won't come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive." -Leah LaBelle


You have (almost) made it! 16 weeks of new insights, learning, assignments, observation hours, crazy people, wandering thoughts, all of the joys of college. Another semester has gone by. Think back to where you were before this semester began: 80 degree August days, with a nice summer tan and wearing shorts. Then the trees began to change and there was chill in the air, but a nice cup of hot cider was all the cure needed. Now being December, it is cold, dark, and gloomy (like everyone's moods), but the worst part is that there isn't even any snow to build a snowman or go sledding in. It is a very 'blah' time of the year. The excitement and preparation for Christmas are great distractions and keep college students from studying for their exams and finishing their final projects. Here are some tips and tricks to get through the rest of the semester without totally checking out (unless you already have):

1. Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Cider

The ultimate life savers.

2. Go outside

Do physical activity. Get some Vitamin D. Take a walk. Sit on a bench. Just breathe in the fresh air.

3. Look at a Christmas tree

So relaxing and peaceful.

4. Listen to calming music

It will really help you. Just relax and rest the mind. Also, avoid power tools or sledge hammers during finals time. Don't be the next meme.

5. Look at pictures of your favorite place

For a change of scenery. Somewhere you wish you could be. For motivation.

6. Journal

Let it all out. Everything and anything that comes to mind.

7. Pray

Let go and love God. Place yourself into His arms and trust. Have faith and believe that things happen for a reason and you must accept that.

8. Watch a movie

A great study break. Just don't make it into a marathon and waste the day.

9. Clean

Do it before break, then there will be less to do when you are rushing to get home. Plus, it smells nice and brings freshness into the air.

10. Reorganize or decorate your room

Sometimes it needs to be viewed from a different angle.

11. Set aside time for YOU

Do something for YOU and with no one else. #treatyoself

12. Keep a To-Do list

Yet, keep it reasonable please.

13. Have daily goals

Well, more than that.

14. Take a nap (or two)

Sleep is essential to function.

15. Research a new city you haven’t been to, but have always wanted to go

One can always dream.

16. Go study somewhere new (where distractions are minimal)

17. Organize your binders

Because why not? It is something to do besides studying.

18. Eat good food

More energy, more productivity.

19. Stay hydrated

Lots and lots of water!! (well and coffee)

20. Stay positive!!

It's the only way you will actually be able to get through things.

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