One Tree Hill was a TV show that played from 2003-2012 following high school kids (eventually grown adults) Brooke Davis, Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Peyton Sawyer and Haley James. It may have had some moments that some would say could never happen in real life but, other times you could really relate to them like,

1. When Peyton realized it was Monday

2. When Haley told Jamie why we cry

3. When Brooke said how every girl feels

4. When Peyton said what we all want to say when someone is annoying us

5. When Brooke's mom explained why she always looks so mad

6. When Nathan explained how fast time goes

7. When Haley missed her bed more than anyone else

8. When Brooke had a bad day

9. When somebody Alex didn’t like came around

10. When you do something bad like Chris Keller

11. When you do something for no reason and Skills explains why

12. When people talk to Alex in the morning

13. When Rachel gave the best advice

14. When somebody made plans with Haley after she had plans to do nothing

15. When Brooke explains how love feels

16. When Nathan’s mom talked about everyone’s biggest fear

17. When Lucas was around people who weren’t as smart as him

18. When people didn’t realize how hard Alex’s life really was

19. When Mouth tried to make us feel better about ourselves

20. When Clay explained how everyone feels after they finished One Tree Hill