Finals week is a nationwide dilemma all college students face once the semester comes to a finish. It can be exciting to think of at times when one thinks of all the delicious food waiting at home, the endless bucket list of to-dos with friends and a full four months of freedom to just do nothing for a change. But thinking about finals too much can lead to the opposite effect. For colleges, finals week is the sign of the end. That end of what? For some, the end of the semester. For others, the end of classes. But for most students, it is mostly the end of restful nights, Netflix binging, good grades and possibly the world. With that, I give you 20 thoughts of students during finals week.

1. My brain is full like my iPhone.

2. Is this final cumulative?

3. I still have to pack...

4. I'm so tired.

5. My brain hurts.

6. What time are my finals anyway?

7. What do I need to get in order to pass this class?

8. Why isn’t group test taking an option?

9. What if my alarm clock doesn’t go off?!

10. Can I eat lunch now?

11. Can I take a break now?

12. I’m going to be studious and wake up super early (yeah, right).

13. I’m going to burn my books and notes when this is over.

14. Wait, but I paid for these books and need to sell them for money.

15. Why am I so poor?!

16. How did I even make it this far?

17. Summer seems so far away.

18. I need to do my laundry.

19. The library is too quiet. Can I scream to break the silence please?

20. Who invented finals in the first place?