20 Things To Leave In 2016
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20 Things To Leave In 2016

Peace out to the worst year yet!

20 Things To Leave In 2016

The new year is here, and for some, it holds new chances and for others the new year is just another day. I would like to believe we are given the new year to see that anything is possible and change is a good thing. Here are 20 things I'll be leaving (or at least attempting to leave) in 2016.

1. Toxic friendships.

2. Caffeine (this one is an attempting to leave).

3. Any article of clothing I've had since middle school (RIP Aeropostale).

4. Grudges -- forgive and forget.

5. All of your self-doubt- if you can survive 2016 you can survive anything #word.

6. Eating out all the time -- learn to cook a few basic meals.

7. Bad spending habits, your future self will thank you.

8. Your ex-boyfriend's number, delete it, sister!

9. Bad eating habits "Eat a salad to stay healthy and cake to stay sane."

10. Pictures of old boyfriends.

11. All the bad memories you made.

12. All the clothes you don't wear, buy yourself ones you actually like.

13. Bad feelings towards your family, they are not going to change. Live and let live.

14. Close mindedness- try something new you never know what could happen.

15. All of the emails you never read. Unsubscribe.

16. Negative body image. The average size of a woman in the United States is a 16, you are normal. Love yourself, girl!

17. All the unnecessary clutter in your house.

18. Any bad habits; cussing, smoking, etc.

19. For my college aged folks, all of those old T-shirts from high school. You know you will never wear them again.

20. Anything you want: make 2017 YOUR year!!

Happy New Year, everyone!! Make this your year, embrace who you are and l-o-v-e it. Peace and blessings!

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