20 Things to do when I'm 20.
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20 Things to do when I'm 20.

Here's my bucket list for me to complete before age 21

20 Things to do when I'm 20.

I am now 20 years old... so here are the top 20 things I want to do during my year of being 20 years old.

1. Peak a mountain

This summer, I want to peak a mountain! Luckily, camp will hopefully provide me with several weekends of hiking and peaking mountains.

2. Hike a fjord in Norway

I want to hike in Norway- specifically along a Norwegian Fjord- specifically Trolltunga if possible!

3. Successfully have a conversation in Norwegian in Norway

As a Norwegian minor, my goal is to be able to successfully carry out a conversation in Norwegian with someone who lives in Norway.

4. Consistently go to the gym/exercise

My gym habits are off-and-on... so it's time for me to not wimp out so much. I know I feel better after going to the gym, so it's time to actually be motivated.

5. Knit a scarf

So far.. my knitting skills have led me to produce several headbands... it's time to take it a step further and make myself a nice scarf.

6. Get a(nother) tattoo

I got this cute little turtle in February, and I'm already planning tattoo #2 for sometime in the upcoming year!

7. See the Northern Lights

Again, since I will be in Norway for fall semester, one of my goals not only on this list but also on my lifetime bucket list is to see the Northern lights...

8. Identify 3 things every night that made me happy that day

This way, at the end of the year I will be able to look back at all of the positive things that happened in my life this year.

9. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years (at age 30! Yikes!)

I'm sure 30 year old Kara will be VERY interested in what 20 year old Kara has to say... I loved the letters to self that we got at graduation from our 6th and 8th grade selves... so I can't wait tor read this one later down the road.

10. Write a song

What kind of a song? I don't know... On what instrument? No idea! But it's going to happen!

11. Successfully be able to play a song on guitar

I've been meaning to learn guitar for a while now... so by the time I turn 21, I want to be able to play one recognizable song.

12. Read one new book every month

I don't do a lot of pleasure reading... hopefully this will motivate me to set aside at least 15 minutes every day to read a book for fun, and not just for class.

13. Learn to cook one new dish

Again, hopefully having to make my own meals in Norway will encourage me to cook more of my own food, and explore some new recipes.

14. Start a blog- like, a weekly one... but still...

This will be especially important to me when I'm studying abroad.

15. Make a scrapbook

Whether about camp, college, Norway, or just my year, I want a scrapbook, with pictures, ticket stubs, quotes, and all!

16. Road trip with at least one friend to a new place

I love road trips to begin with, and I love exploring new places, and I love my friends- put them all together and...

17. Go to a midnight premiere of a movie

I've only been to a midnight premiere once... for the 8th Harry Potter movie. I want to do it again- there's something about the atmosphere of excitement when you know you are part of the first group of people to see a new movie!

18. Have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon

Despite being a major Harry Potter fan most of my life... I've never had a full HP movie marathon, only partial ones. (I'm ashamed... I know...) My goal is to have a full HP movie marathon before I turn 21.

19. Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day

While I know that I've done this before, sunrises and sunsets are always beautiful, so I want to do it again!

20. Say "yes" to something I normally wouldn't do

I know... "easy peasey" lemon squeezy." And so cliche... But I am going to try to push myself further out of my comfort zone this year.

Wish me luck!

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