20 Things Only Super Organized People Will Understand

20 Things Only Super Organized People Will Understand

To-do lists galore!

I have met people who are definitely more organized than I am, but I still consider my self a very organized person in general. Although I do have moments of procrastination, I have always been someone who likes to plan ahead and keep things neat. There are so many things that I do that only fellow organized people can understand.

1) The glorious sight of an office supply or organization section of a store

2) ...Or even better...a store dedicated to organization

My mom and I LIVE for The Container Store!

3) Making lists for everything, just to feel prepared

4) The amazing feeling of checking off something on a list

And sometimes you just add something you have already done to the list to feel accomplished right off the bat.

5) Color coding and/or labeling is your best friend

I never understand the people that would have a folder and notebook that were different colors for the same class...am I the only one?

6) You prepare the next day the night before

7) Your planner is always in use

And you wish you had enough time or an excuse to decorate them and make them look as nice as the ones you see on Youtube or Instagram

8) And speaking of planners: you have to find the PERFECT one, even if it costs a little too much...

I am guilty of researching planners and have considered buying planners that are $50, but luckily I have contained myself.

9) You hate having tentative plans because you like to plan ahead and have things set in stone

10) ...aka you hate change in general

11) You always make sure your handwriting is neat

12) You do not understand the people that can procrastinate and STILL get things done

Especially when they will sometimes even do better than you...so annoying.

13) You stress clean

14) You always buy way more notebooks, planners, and pens than you actually need

You're telling me I don't need pens in every color of the rainbow? And different pens for different projects?

15) Your phone screen has to have only one page of categorized apps

I do not understand the people who have multiple pages of apps on their phone and will not put them into folders. It stresses me out if I have too much to go through.

16) You hate when people move your stuff

17) It stresses you out to be late

18) Most of your spaces looks like they came out of an HGTV magazine

Searching Pinterest, magazines, and catalogs for ideas and expecting them to be realistically possible.

19) You love anything to do with charts, schedules, and graphs

20) The cringe-worthy, painful sight of someone shoving a piece of paper into the deep depths of a backpack

Some people are organized and some people are really not. Being organized is a blessing and a curse. It is extremely helpful when it comes to getting stuff done efficiently, but there are struggles too like having a harder time adjusting to change. Have you experienced any of these?

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Why Cheerleading Is Definitely Not A Sport

And five, six, seven, eight!

If you've ever participated in cheerleading, you're all too familiar with how "easy" and "pointless" it is. After all, any activity where skirts, pom-poms, glitter and bows are utilized surely can't count as a sport, right? Let's take a look at all of the reasons why cheerleading is definitely not a sport.

1. Tumbling is effortless.

Tumbling is honestly so easy that you could do it in your sleep. It clearly doesn't take years and years of practice.

2. Stunting is not a skill.

Yeah, stunting takes zero talent whatsoever. I'm sure these cheerleaders don't spend hours every single day working on their flexibility.

3. Injuries never happen in cheerleading.

Because cheerleading is so easy, you really don't have to worry about potentially getting concussions, breaking bones or even becoming paralyzed.

4. Cheerleaders aren't athletes.

Cheerleaders have no reason to be strong, fast or flexible at all. You simply go out on the field, smile and twirl around.

5. There are no male cheerleaders, and it's only for females.

Men aren't able to tumble, stunt or jump. Having them on a cheerleading team would be nonsense.

6. Cheerleading doesn't create a sense of teamwork or bonding.

I mean, these people aren't actually best friends. It's not like they save each other's lives every time they toss someone up 15 feet into the air.

Based on these very true facts listed above, you really can't call cheerleading a sport. It just doesn't take as much hard work, patience, determination and teamwork as all of the real sports out there in the world. When will those crazy cheerleaders learn?

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Confidence And Help With Your Problems Go A Long Way

It's only figured out if you can make it figured out.


No one likes to be challenged and no one likes having to face the pressure, but life is full of endeavors that will make you work. While some people have no problem with dealing with obstacles head-on, others struggle with them and refuse help when offered it to them. They tend to get lost and confused with no clear direction on how to overcome what is holding them back. Your highest self wants you to grow, change, and succeed, but that's only possible with confidence.

Most of the time, people tend to be faced with the same problem reoccurring over and over again. That results in them losing motivation and they lose sight of a potential lesson to be learned. This leads to people becoming frustrated, irritated, and depressed.

That's right: this article is another factor of depression.

What happens to those who are not confident in their challenges? They get a sense and feeling of powerlessness, like they are trapped within themselves and want to escape from reality instead of dealing with their problems head-on. More often than not, it makes them feel shameful because of all the problems that someone is dealing with.

Whether the problems one faces are drug problems, alcohol, depression, family issues, or even suicidal thoughts, there is always help available. Asking for help and recognizing you need it can make people feel ashamed and embarrassed, but sometimes they refuse to admit they need help.

That is when denial comes in and that only deepens their internal wounds even further. Sometimes, people can go too far with their reluctance of help and they believe that no one can help them. Their confidence and image of themselves eventually become so low that there is only one solution to them: ending it all.

The first step to building confidence is recognizing that you need help to begin with. By recognizing the problem right away, you are able to come out of your cycle and then can identify a way to do something about it. The cycle of depression and help refusal is something that you cannot come out of unless you help it yourself.

By getting help, your problems start to diminish and your confidence builds because now, you have advice on not only what your problem is, but ways to get out of it. People go from not being hopeful at all that they can overcome whatever it is that is holding them back, to feeling they can deal with anything. This is where the people who can overcome obstacles come into play.

These people have all the confidence and all the determination that they fear nothing. Their will to work and goals set for themselves drive them to let nothing stand in their way and will not tolerate anything less than getting a goal accomplished. If people could be more like these people, just imagine how depression can be handled today!

Maybe sometimes it's easier to run than face all the pain, but never facing the heat and getting the help will do more bad than good. After all, you need some confidence to get far in life right?

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