20 Things I Say To My Roommates On A Weekly Basis
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20 Things I Say To My Roommates On A Weekly Basis

How are they not tired of me yet?

20 Things I Say To My Roommates On A Weekly Basis

1. Does anyone have an avocado?

I might have a slight addiction to avocados, and I can always count on my roommates to feed my addiction. (Literally).

2. Will someone play with my hair?

This is usually a no but on occasion one of them will!

3. I need to pee.

Not sure why I feel the need to announce this, but I do. (Also, this one is said on more of a daily basis...)

4. Will you come do my laundry with me?

I just want some company on my walk, and usually my roommates are down for the mini adventure.

5. Do I have to go to class?

I could never actually skip a class unless I'm deathly ill, but I still say this anyways.

6. Where’s my ID?!?!

I say this one daily, as I've already had to get a new ID this year...

7. Can I borrow your clothes/sneakers?

Isn't being able to share clothes whenever a perk of having roommates?

8. Can I eat your guac?

Again, I'm obsessed with avocados...

9. What kind of coffee should I make?

French press? Keurig? Or should I just take a trip to Aroma's?

10. What channel is Law and Order on?

Somehow I got lucky enough to get 3 other roommates who love SVU as much as I do!

11. Wanna snuggle?

Starting to ask this question less and just kind of going for it more. I swear my roommates love me!!


My roommates and I say this to each other at least once a week, but junk food is just too good.

13. Will you bring me food?

Whether I'm studying or just being lazy, my roommates usually are willing to help me out with this one, and I am beyond grateful for it.

14. Can you help me clean my room?

This one is always a no, but I ask anyways.

15. How do you use the kettle?

I swear the hot water kettle gets more confusing each time that I use it.

16. Will you go to the library with me?

Roomies and study buddies? I mean, we're all pretty much taking the same classes so why not?

17. Will someone get Panera/Chipotle with me?

I just have to say the words Panera or Chipotle and my roommates immediately start getting ready to go.

18. What classes do I have today?

We're now three weeks in and I still don't know my schedule. Lucky for me, my roommates know it!

19. Want to go to the gym with me?

Study buddies, workout buddies, and roomies?! How are they not sick of me yet?

20. What’re we doing this weekend?

Work, homework, work, homework, and maybe squeezing some sleep in?

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