20 Realizations I've Had While Being 20
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Student Life

20 Realizations I've Had While Being 20

Twenty ways my perspective of living has changed this year

20 Realizations I've Had While Being 20

1. You are the only one that’s got you. Everyone is selfish. We may have people that are still there for us, but at the end of the day you have to be there for you.

2. Pay attention to red flags. If you get a bad feeling about a someone– don’t talk yourself out of it or ignore it. Odds are your instincts are right and you can avoid a situation you don’t need to be in.

3. With that being said, boys can suck. Nice guys are out there, just got to find them– when the timing is right.

4. Stop being addicted to caffeine and drink more water. Yes, you can love coffee and have it, but not everyday. Drink some tea for a caffiene kick and do your body a favor.

5. Dunkin is actually better than Starbucks, and it's much cheaper.

6. Having casual sex is okay. It doesn't make you any less worthy or a slut.

7. The friends who reach out to you and make efforts to hang are the ones to keep around. Know the difference between your real friends and the friends that are more like acquaintances– still appreciate them, just know where you stand.

8. Just go to Ulta or Sephora and spend the money on good makeup. If good makeup makes you feel confident– then that's worth all the money in the world.

9. Hannah Montana music is totally relatable at this phase in life. Having a bad day? Listen to the show's multiple albums and I guarante you will feel better.

10. Going out every weekend is nothing to be ashamed about.

11. But also, staying in when you don't feel like going out is totally okay.

12. Comparing yourself to other girls is literally the worst thing you can do. Who cares if you are blonde and she's brunette? Who cares if she looks completely different than you? If someone does care, they aren't worth your time.

13. You're 20 years old– you aren't supposed to have your life figured out yet.

14. Christina Yang is actually the wisest character on TV, pay attention to her advice in Greys.

15. Being honest is the best thing you can do for yourself. You have a voice, so start to use it. You have lived your own experiences, so stay true to them and use them to be better.

16. Stop trying to pursue things that you aren't passionate about– and start to pursue the things you are. Change your major, join an org that will support you, just do something in the right direction towards your passions.

17. You don't owe anyone an apology for living your life. Stop being sorry for having fun and doing you. If someone has a problem with it, that speaks more to them than you.

18. Getting up early is much better than sleeping in. Just set the alarms, or multiple alarms, and get stuff done.

19. Social media is yours, do what you want with it. Life is more than likes, shares, or retweets. Use, or don't use, social media for yourself– not your followers.

20. Consider every opportunity presented to you. Get out of your comfort zone. Go on the trip with a bunch of strangers and come back a better person. Do spontaneous things you may be unsure about, you don't know what could come of it. Just do it– with common sense, of course.

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