21 Songs That Shaped Your Childhood
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21 Songs That Shaped Your Childhood

If you were born between 1999-2004, these songs will bring back memories you forgot you had.

21 Songs That Shaped Your Childhood

Get ready for a train wreck of pop music and nostalgia.

Girlfriend- Avril Lavigne

Don't you remember wanting to steal another girls man even as a 6th grader? How about dressing up as a "rOcKeR cHicK" and taking photos on your mom's iPad or iPhone 4?

My first Kiss- 3OH!3

This song introduced us to so much. We were not ready for such bold ideas.

Sugar We're Going Down- Fall Out Boy

This one will always be a teen favorite. The truth is, no one knows when it actually released. It's timeless. Some say it was the inspiration for God to create the earth..

Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas

This was THE song for when you just wanted to BOP.

Complicated- Avril Lavigne

We were already singing about boy problems the second we started middle school. Ugh Boys! Am I right, Avril?

Like a G6- Far East Movement

This song made you feel cool. This song was the definition of cool. This song created cool.

Airplanes- B.O.B.

A truly cathartic experience that brought us the peace and raps that we did not know we needed.

Boom Boom Pow- Blackeyed Peas

This was THE song for when you just wanted to BOP. Thank you Fergie.

Your Love is My Drug- Kesha

Fun Fact! Ke$ha actually invented pop music.

Billionaire -Bruno Mars

Remember singing this but having to cut out the word "freakin'" because that language is "too close to the real word" and so you never got the true experience of belting out your truest dream with Bruno Mars? Maybe that was just me.

Dynamite -Taio Cruz

This was THE song in the background of every end-of-school slideshow and "epic" youtube video we sat through.

Sexy And I Know it - LMFAO

Yeah we were.

Gangnam Style

We never knew the words, but the dance was enough. Now it will forever haunt an entire generation.

Tik Tok - Kesha

Another all time classic. Tell me you wouldn't sing every word if you heard this on the radio today.

Club can’t handle me - Flo Rida

This song got you hyped while relating to Flo Rida. The club really couldn't even handle you back then.

Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship 

Another bop that we probably shouldn't have been listening to at 10 years old.

Firework -Katy Perry

Again, THE song my school used in the background for every school-related "hype" video for the students. During the chorus is when the teachers all threw out colorful erasers into the air and we went absolutely insane.

Titanium- David Guetta Ft. Sia

Feeling invincible while not being able to reach any of Sia's notes. Also being 10 and feeling like you can relate to the "misunderstood" kid in the music video.

Fergalicious- Fergie

I don't know about guys, but every girl who existed when this hit the charts has Fergie's rap memorized.

You make me feel -Cobra Starship

I don't know if this sparks any specific memories, but I just remember it being on the radio for a thousand years. That had to have shaped us somehow, right?

Superbass - Niki Minaj

A classic. And probably the first time we ever heard of Niki Minaj.

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