The semester may have begun organized with pretty Lilly Pulitzer folders and extremely detailed post-it notes everywhere, but as the days pass and the end of our college career becomes closer and closer, we’re sporting sweats instead of jeans and choosing Chinese food over boys. And, no, we’re not ashamed. Not even a little bit.

We’re living the SWUG (Senior-Washed-Up Girl) life, and we’re proud.

1. Your bedtime is 10 p.m. sharp, no exceptions

2. You have absolutely no intentions of waking up before noon

3. If anyone tries to get in the way of the intimate relationship you have with your bed, well…

4. Food

5. Hooking up is not on your to-do list

6. You’re constantly late for class

7. Which means you’re wearing sweats

8. Again

9. Going out is only a thing if you can BYOB

10. And leave early. Leaving early is a must because your bed will miss you too much

11. Heels? Hahaha

12. Oh and makeup? Not a chance

13. “Ain’t nobody got time for that” is basically your slogan

14. The Trader Joe Wine Shop employees know you by name at this point

15. And while that long walk past Whole Foods is a haul, you’ve decided that it’s totally worth it

16. Because, wine = love

17. Aside from napping, that is