Maybe some of us are born Squidwards. Maybe some of us slowly become Squidwards as we get older. Maybe some days we are Squidward and some days we are Spongebob. College is especially great at bringing out the Squidward in all of us. Here are twenty signs that college has turned you into Squidward Tentacles.

1. Waiting for another student to answer a question everyone else knows the answer to drives you crazy.

2. You feel suspicious when the last five exam answers were all "B."

3. When you walk all the way to your classroom only to find out the professor cancelled class at the last minute.

4. When you finish your essay at 11:59 p.m., and it's due at midnight.

5. Sometimes your friends talk you into going out for the night when all you really want to do is stay at home and binge-watch your favorite Netflix series.

6. When it suddenly hits you a week before finals start that you are not the least bit prepared.

7. On the days you don't have classes or work, the one thing you're most excited about is the chance to sleep in for as long as you want.

8. Occasionally, your view on romance is a little...pessimistic.

9. When you're a few minutes from falling asleep and you remember the homework you have due in the morning.

10. When financial aid finally comes in and you're living like royalty..for like, three whole days.

11. You cringe when family members ask you what your future plans are after graduation because their guess is as good as yours.

12. Your friends occasionally try to set you up with their friends because you've been single for so long.

13. When your alarm clock for your early morning class goes off.

14. Sometimes you walk around campus with your headphones in, just so people don't try to talk to you.

15. When you finally get home after a long day and you deflate as soon as you walk through your door.

16. When your professor says not to pack your bags yet at the end of class but that doesn't stop you from doing it anyway.

17. You wake up the morning after a night out and decide that maybe missing one class won't hurt after all.

18. When the professor wants to end class early but all of your classmates want him to go over topics he already covered again.

19. When your professor wants you to work with a randomly assigned student and you're forced to socialize with someone you would rather...not.

20. When your professor says attendance to class isn't mandatory but that you should probably still go anyway.