We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it. Skipping class is just a daily occurrence at any college. Professors don’t understand it and students half the time can’t explain it. But here are 20 reasons for college students to skip class:

1. When you’re watching a movie so you won’t be missing anything anyways.

2. When you feel like sleeping in.

3. When you feel like going out to breakfast.

4. When you get invited out to lunch.

5. Really for any reason involving food.

6. When you didn’t do the work that’s due for that class.

7. When a professor says attendance doesn’t affect your grade.

8. To go on a road trip with your friends.

9. To write a paper for another class.

10. When you wake up on a Wednesday morning with a hangover.

11. When you’ve missed three weeks in a row of your favorite show and you just really need to catch up.

12. When you’ve been more stressed than blessed recently.

13. When it’s the first nice day during the spring semester so you must darty.

14. To go to the mall.

15. To take a nap.

16. When you need to catch up on a month's worth of laundry.

17. When you only have one class for the day and it’d be a waste of clean clothes to get up and go.

18. When your friends are skipping too.

19. When you're mentally drained.

20. When you just don’t care anymore.