20 New Years Resolution Ideas To Make 2020 The Best Year Yet
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20 New Years Resolution Ideas To Make 2020 The Best Year Yet

There are other resolutions other than working out believe it or not!

20 New Years Resolution Ideas To Make 2020 The Best Year Yet

As the new year dawns upon us, many people are planning their resolutions for the new year.

People may base their resolutions off of things they want to improve upon, things they want to cut out of their life, or things things they have been telling themselves that they would do all year.

However, not everyone has a resolution.

It can be stressful thinking about what you realistically can achieve in the new year, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try!

If you are maybe a little lost about what you should make your New Years resolution and need some ideas, then look no further! Here are 20New Years resolution ideas.

Remember though that the resolutions can only do so much! Take measures to ensure that you are on a path for success with your resolution and have a measurement method so you can see your progress.

1. Getting into shape

Home workout

Home workout


This is probably the most popular resolution among people, especially since the holidays just passed and that usually means lots of eating!

Many people will make this resolution if they simply want to get tone, gain more muscle, build up their endurance, or lose weight. If you want to do any of these things or all of these things, then this is a great idea for a resolution for you. I mean there is a reason that this is the most popular resolution among people.

However, I am sure that I am not the first person to put this idea into your mind, as it is hard to go anywhere without seeing gym advertisements leading up to New Years Eve. If you are hesitant to do this, don't doubt yourself.

It will take commitment, time, and possibly some money, but this resolution is sure to be rewarding if you stick with it.

Of course just saying that you want to get in shape isn't enough (if only it was!). Think about joining a gym, getting a trainer, or purchasing some home gym equipment to help yourself commit.

2. Eat healthier




Next to getting in shape, eating healthier is probably the second most popular resolution in one form of another.

It can be just the general goal of eating better, cutting out all sugar, cutting down on carbs, drinking more water, or maybe throwing more fruits and veggies into your diet.

No matter what form you put this resolution in to, this is a popular one for many reasons. When you eat better you feel better and you can also possibly lose weight. Along with those more obvious benefits, your skin can get better, your hair can be stronger, and you also will be able to be more active.

So maybe you will start to meal prep, cut something out of your diet, add something into it, keep a diet journal, or join a nutrition plan.

Whatever you choose, just stick with it for the year and be ready for results!

3. Put your mental health first

Mental health

Mental health


Mental health is so much more important than many people realize.

Anxiety and depression are much too common, along with many other things that can affect your every day life.

Even if you don't think you suffer from any kind of mental health issue, you can still take care of your mental health.

This can include things such as starting to see a therapist, exiting yourself from stressful situations, taking time out of your day to focus on yourself and recognizing when you need help.

No matter what, your mental health is important and it doesn't need to just be a part of your New Years resolution to be important in your life, as you should always be cognizant of it.

4. Try new things

Ice skating

Try ice skating


If you know that you have trouble trying new things then this could be a great resolution for you, as it will push you to go outside of your comfort zone.

This can be anything from trying new foods, a new sport, a new hobby, or anything else that you may not often do.

Make 2020 the best yet by opening yourself up to new opportunities and discovering new things that you may end up loving!

5. Practice kindness more often

Be kind

Be kind


In our busy lives it can often be easy to forget the value of kindness. So with 2020 coming up, keeping kindness in your mind is a great way to improve your life and maybe even your relationships with others.

To do this you can do things like helping your neighbor, volunteering, or even just being kinder to friends and family in your every day life.

This at the end of the day helps you and others, as kindness can go a long way!

6. Save a life

Shelter dog

Shelter dog


If you want to get a pet, then maybe think about adopting!

Now, don't just go out and get an animal because you think you are helping save a life. Think it through, Make sure you have the time, space, money, and are in a place in your life where you can handle a pet.

If you do and you have considered it carefully and know all that it entails than this is a great choice because you get a friend out of it!

Plus after the holidays, many families get pets without knowing the responsibility that comes with taking care of them, so many of them end up in the shelter so there are sure to be many animals that need homes.

7. Save your money

Saving money

Saving money


Maybe you have a habit of spending money when you really don't need to be. If that's the case then learning how to save your money could be a valuable resource.

Maybe you will invest your money, save spare change in a jar, or will practice not compulsively buying things. Either way there are tons of ways to save money in 2020!

8. Take a leap

Take a Risk

Take a Risk by Ben Carson


If there has been something you have wanted to do for a while but were too afraid to take the leap or if the timing never felt right than this one is for you!

There is no time like the present, so go out and start that business you have always thought about owning, take a risk at changing professions, or go on that vacation you've always dreamt of.

Of course it is important to look at the risk these leaps could possess, but if it is manageable then go for it! Don't let yourself get in the way of something that could make you happy.

9. Be closer with your religious values




If you feel like you have drifted away from your religious values recently or if you never had any and want to find something to believe in, then this is perfect for you.

Go to church more often, journal your religious thoughts, find a spiritual leader, or take time out of your day to reflect on your religious values.

Whatever it is that you do to get closer to what you believe in, then go for it!

10. Cut out or cut back negative traits in yourself

Anger issues

Anger issues?


If you know that you have some traits that you wish you could eradicate from yourself then working on cutting back on them is a great idea.

Do you know that you get angry easily? Have a tendency to push people away? Don't communicate your feelings well? Are a pushover?

If you have something you want to improve upon to help your relationships with people, then maybe work with a therapist or do some self work with your behavior.

Either way being self aware about the issue and trying to help yourself improve is a big feat in itself.

11.  Learn to do something you've always wanted to do

Cooking lessons

Cooking lessons


Never learned how to swim? How to type on a computer? How to rock climb? How to go cook?

Everyone has something that they never got the chance to learn how to do. If you have something in particular on your list of things to learn then start crossing things off!

Go get lessons in whatever it is or a class and full fill that dream!

12. Be a better friend




If you know that you haven't been the best friend to someone lately, then 2020 is the time to change that!

If you were too busy before for them, met new people, or just haven't been there for them then look at ways to help improve upon those issues.

Friendships aren't always easy and they do require effort, but it's worth it!

13. Try harder in your classes




If you are in school still and haven't been putting your best foot forward, then there is plenty of time in 2020 to get your grades up.

Practice better study habits, go out less, actually read the textbook, go to tutoring, or talk to the teacher after class.

There are so many ways that you can try and help improve your performance in school. If you know you have been slacking off lately, then make this your resolution so that you can get back on track (or even better than before!).

14. Be kinder to yourself

Love yourself

Love yourself


It is easy to beat yourself up sometimes. We all do it.

Some more so than others though. Walking into 2020 if you know that you have a tendency to go hard on yourself, try and remember that you are only human and that you are doing your best.

Treat yourself how you want other people to treat you.

Remind yourself that you are beautiful, special, and important because you are!

As the new year passes, keep that in mind every day. If you catch yourself slipping then remind yourself of what you like about yourself, because the good is sure to out weigh the bad.

15. Listen to others better




If you have been told that you don't listen the best to others or if you just are aware of it yourself, then make it your resolution to try to improve upon it.

Remind yourself when talking to others to listen to them before sharing your opinion and to keep the other persons feelings in mind.

This is sure to help improve your relationships with people as long as you are cognizant of it and you practice it.

16. Invest in those who invest in you


Investing in those who invest in you


I'm sure that you have heard this saying before, but as cheesy as it sounds it is a great idea for a New Years resolution.

If you have a tendency to invest in other people, but when you need them to do the same, they are absent, then consider trying to let go.

You are important and deserve to have relationships with people who invest in you.

Sometimes it is hard to forget about this and it is hard to stop it, but if you can have an honest conversation with the people who you feel aren't giving as much back to you as you are to them in the terms of the relationship, then that can help a lot.

17. Manage your time better

If 2019 was a busy year for you and you were pulled thin with dividing your time amongst things and people, then 2020 is the year to manage it better. Or maybe you just never planned anything and need to make sure that you have some kind of time management than this is for you.

Getting a planer, using Google calendars, and limit your commitments are just some of the ways that you can do this better.

Whatever you choose, go into the new year with a plan about how to organize your time! A year seems like a long time, but it can fly by so make the most of it!

18. To read more


See, even the cat wants to read!


In a world where technology is present in almost all aspects of life, it is hard to step away from a bit.

If you want to relax and escape the world for a bit, reading is a great hobby to pick up! Or if you used to be an avid reader but fell of the train, 2020 is a great way to hop back on it.

You can read any kind of genre and any book that you can find! There are so many possibilities so there really is something for everyone, even if you really don't like to read.

19. To go greener

Go green

Go green


Going greener is something everyone should try and do regardless of if it is the new year or not!

Long story short, we need to take care of our planet because we have done so much damage to it already and want it to still be sustainable for generations to come.

Take shorter showers, eat meat only on week days, recycle, don't use plastic when you can, plant trees, carpool to school or anything else that helps save the Earth. These are all great ideas to help you stay green in 2020!

The Earth is all of our homes, so we need to take care of it together!

20. To be more accepting of other views


Policial parties


In todays political climate people with opposing views are more unaccepting of the other party than ever.

That is why if you know that you can be very stubborn with your political beliefs, than a great resolution is to try and be more accepting of other views.

No, I don't mean that you have to support them, but you should at least treat them the same as you treat other people, regardless of their views.

If everyone could do this we would have a much more tolerant world maybe, so make it your resolution to be understanding maybe!

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