14 Mantras You Need To Learn To Live A Happier Life
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14 Mantras You Need To Learn To Live A Happier Life

Because at the end of the day, you should be the biggest source of your happiness

14 Mantras You Need To Learn To Live A Happier Life
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Therefore sometimes, you need some reminders to help along the way.

I Will Feed Into Success


And success will feed into you!

Happiness Must Be Created, Not Found


Focus your time on creation

I Will Let Go Of My Weight


Because nothing should hold you back from progression

I Will Align My Values With My Inner Voice


Because you should never life for anyone else but yourself

Perfection Is Dull


& unnecessary for a happy, healthy life

I Can Choose My Happiness


Have the agency to take control of what does and doesn't bring joy to you.

I Will Practice Gratitude


And consistently remind yourself of what you have

Self-forgiveness Will Be Practiced


You will move on from anything

I Am Allowed To Be Emotional


You are allowed to feel things you may not want to feel, and its okay

My Mind Must Always Be Open


Because you should always be willing to listen

I Will Adopt A Healthier Mindset


There is always room for improvement

There Is A Silver Lining


See the good that comes out of everything

I Live In The Present


Forget the past, and don't worry for the future

I Am My Own Best Friend


Because ultimately, you are your best company

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