In the beginning of a relationship there are do's and don'ts. Farting around each other when you first get together is a big no-no, for example. The only thing that your significant other knows about bodily functions that you urinate, and anything other than that is gross. After while, though, you both get so comfortable around each other that none of those things matter anymore. I remember exactly when letting out a fart didn't matter anymore and we both laughed about it. Sometimes a high five is necessary after a big burp. I bid you adieu to the things that happen to relationships when you hit that point when you feel truly comfortable with that special someone.

1. You groom each other.

I do my boyfriends eyebrows, cut his hair, and even pop the occasional pimples. He brushes my hair, pluck my chin hairs when I can't reach them, and he'll even pop my pimples! That's a big sign of true love; I've always thought it was gross to do for someone else, but I love the idea of keeping my partner clean and helping him achieve cleanliness.

2. You talk about what the future has in store for both of you.

I talk about my future with my boyfriend all the time. We discuss what we'll do, what kind of house we'll have, even how many pets we'll have as well. I love talking about what our bathroom will look like; we have to have a big bathtub and a large shower to go with it.

3. You're both perfectly fine staying in and doing your own thing.

We thoroughly enjoy our company. We don't have to go out all the time any more. Our weekends entail cooking or going out to eat, playing video games, and watching TV. It's the little things that count.

4. You fart and burp around each other then laugh about it.

We laugh about our gas all the time. You got to have humor in a relationship, and this is an easy one.

5. Date night doesn't have to entail going out.

It's always nice to be able to dress up and go out to eat then see a movie, but it's also more romantic to cook for your loved one, in my opinion. I love planning out meals and having the help to make it. Maybe we'll light some candles and have some music playing in the background to "set the mood". You don't have to shout like when you're in a loud restaurant; it's personal and just the two of you.

6. Bingeing on shows is now a must.

Sunday nights are our TV nights with John Oliver and Game of Thrones, but most nights we binge on Attack on Titan or other shows. We can blast through shows in a weekend, sometimes in a day if we aren't busy playing video games. It's very relaxing to binge a show with your loved one; snacks and cuddles are the best!

7. You talk about anything and everything with no judgment.

You know you're completely comfortable with someone when you can talk about anything with them. I know that sometimes I sound silly saying certain things but he knows exactly what I mean and doesn't judge me for it.

8. They are your best friend.

When your significant other becomes not only your partner but your best friend, you know you've found a keeper.

9. You guys have pets together.

We have two rats. We love them. When you get pets, they become your children, which means you are the parents.

10. You talk about wedding plans.

We talk about our future wedding a lot lately. It's nice to daydream, but also good to know that he's as serious as I am. I believe when the time comes, we will get married. But it's a nice feeling to know that he wants this as much as I do.

11. You both feel completely comfortable in the bathroom together.

This entails showering, urinating, and even pooping. It takes a while to get that comfortable with someone, but when you can poop in the same bathroom with your significant other, it's definitely a sign that you guys are good.

12. Arguments become silly and you laugh about them after they end.

Arguments are natural in any relationship, but it's healthy to recognize why the argument started and talk about it in order to move forward. We get in small arguments and then end up laughing about it afterward because we realize how silly it was to have an argument. As long as you and your partner aren't arguing about everything all the time, you guys are okay. Laughter is great, too! We laugh about everything.

13. You know all the moods they are in even if they don't say anything

I can tell when he's in a bad mood just by looking into his eyes. You gain a sixth sense when you've been in a long-term relationship with someone, so after a while you know everything.

14. You both know exactly how to cheer each other up.

And when you can tell that they're in a bad mood, you know how to make them smile.

15. You say "I love you" all throughout the day.

Either I text him "I love you" or I'm saying it all throughout the day. It's part of those little things that make a relationship great. I know he knows that I love him, but I like to say it to him anyways.

16. You start to have the same taste for many things.

He's introduced me to many bands and vice versa. I've gotten him into anime. He's gotten me to like different video games. When you're with them for so long you start to have the same tastes.

17. You pick up their mannerisms and vice versa.

He started to use ranch on french fries because I was doing it whenever we went out. I catch myself laughing like him sometimes. It's cute! You almost become the same person in a way.

18. You check in on them just to see how they're doing.

We're always texting each other throughout the day to see how we're doing. It's nice to have someone care about how your day is going.

19. You both gain telepathy for each other.

This is similar to knowing their exact moods, but with this, it's like knowing what they want to do or what to eat. He knows when I'm hungry for burgers and I know when he wants to play a certain game. You become really in tune to your partner when you've been with them for so long.

20. Your love for each other keeps growing stronger with each passing day.

I love being in love. I've picked up on so many mannerisms of his and vice versa that we're basically becoming the same person. We have our differences, but we're very much alike. I'm glad to have found someone who is perfect for me, and our love is unbreakable.