The 20 Greatest Joe Biden Memes
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The 20 Greatest Joe Biden Memes

"OK, so if chocolate cows don't exist, explain chocolate milk..."

The 20 Greatest Joe Biden Memes
The Christian Science Monitor

After the overwhelming senses of tension and hostility that accompanied the election (and the months leading up to it), the witty geniuses on the internet have come together to bring us the comic relief America has been needing. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, these memes are undeniably hilarious. If you haven't had the opportunity to see them yet, take this chance to laugh along with the rest of us at the funny captioning of our beloved vice president. Here are 20 of the funniest Joe Biden memes to get you started.

1. Joe anticipates the next president's needs.

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2. Joe prepares for retirement.

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3. Joe gets an idea...

4. ...and another one.

5. ...and another one.

6. He's just full of them.

7. Joe gets inquisitive.

8. Joe enjoys a drink...or six.

9. He seems pretty serious about these booby traps.

10. Joe does not want to share.

11. Don't worry, Joe.

12. He's really excited about Christmas.

13. It's nice of him to be so helpful.

14. Joe momentarily panics.

15. Joe compromises.

16. Joe really means it.

17. All he wants for Christmas...

18. The new president is going to be in for quite a surprise.

19. He may be in for another surprise, too.

20. It's time to let him in, Joe.

These memes are just what America needs post-election. Whether we identify as a Democrat, a Republican, or neither, reading these memes is the perfect way to de-stress from election season and bring some lightheartedness into our lives. Thank you, Internet, for making us laugh, and thank you, Joe Biden, for being you.

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