20 Fool Proof Excuses For Failing A Final Exam
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20 Fool Proof Excuses For Failing A Final Exam

uhhh sorry?

20 Fool Proof Excuses For Failing A Final Exam

If you’re like me you have walked out of a final exam this week with not a doubt in your mind that you bombed that test and may be potentially retaking that class. If you’re like me you also may have to explain to your parents why you got a less than desirable grade on said final exam. If so, let me help you out! Here are 20 fool proof excuses for your parents as to why you got wrecked by your final exams…

  1. The professor literally didn’t teach anything.
  2. I tried.
  3. I studied the wrong material.
  4. The copy of the exam I got was in Hebrew.
  5. I don’t speak Hebrew.
  6. I would have passed my Arabic exam if it were in English.
  7. I’m not a math person.
  8. I’m not an econ major.
  9. Sorry.
  10. My professor doesn’t like me.
  11. I took too much NyQuil the night before the exam and it messed me up.
  12. I blanked out and forgot all of the answers to the questions.
  13. Nobody else in my class did well either.
  14. There was supposed to be a curve.
  15. I don’t even know.
  16. I didn’t mean to bring dishonor to the family and our cow.
  17. I had like 6 tests all on the same day.
  18. I was sick all semester I had like 4 colds.
  19. Somebody was breathing really heavily next to me during the exam and it blew my concentration.
  20. It should have been a take home exam.
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