20 Of My Favorite Stand Up Comedians
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20 Of My Favorite Stand Up Comedians

"I think it's wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly"-Steven Wright

20 Of My Favorite Stand Up Comedians

As a lot of you know, I not only perform standup comedy, but I love watching it. When I'm feeling down, it is one of my "Go-to" methods for feeling better. Laughter brings people together and has been a cornerstone for most of my life. Here are some of my favorite comedians.

1. John Mulaney

John Mulaney is a relatable comedian who references things like drinking, real estate agents, and Ice-T. He is so relatable to the everyday person that you sometimes forgets he's a professional comedian. He was a writer for Saturday Night Live and had a Broadway Show called "Oh, Hello" that starred him and Nick Kroll.

2. Anjelah Johnson

From cheering for the Oakland Raiders to stand up comedy, this fiery Latino woman knows how to capture the audience. She is also known for her character on MadTV called, Bon Qui Qui.

3. Aziz Ansari

The Parks and Recreation star has been doing standup comedy for quite some time now. Making observational comedy the cornerstone of his comedy sets has helped him spread laughter all over the country. Additionally, Ansari has written, produced and starred in his own show on Netflix called, Master of None.

4. Nick Offerman

Another Parks and Recreation star has started making a splash in standup comedy. Just keeping it real as an American and lover of meats. Offerman basically acts the same as he did as Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation and if you're uncomfortable with swearing he is NOT your guy.

5. Bill Burr

The no-nonsense comedian has been blowing up the last few years. He always seems to be on Conan for whatever reason. He tours quite a bit and doesn't mind telling you how it is. He is a little more than edgy at times so if you are easily offended Bill Burr isn't your comedian either.

6. Louis C.K.

The famous comedian, writer, and actor has been doing stand up longer than I have been alive. His television show, Louie, features his stand-up comedy as well as an actual storyline involving his kids, his love life, and other drama.

7. Iliza Shelsinger

A very "In your face" kind of comedian. Iliza is not afraid to tell you her honest opinions about men, sex and hip hop station DJ's. A very funny gal deserves some recognition as she is tearing it up out there! Absolutely hysterical and relatable to pretty much any audience.

8. Bill Engvall

Known for his "Here's your sign" jokes and his redneck counterparts of Larry The Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, and Ron White, Bill Engvall tells the stories of his wife, kids, and his time on Dancing With The Stars. He is everything to everyone.

9. Gabriel Iglesias

It's fluffy!!! From topics like his stepson, to touring in different countries, and losing weight, Iglesias has been making people laugh all around the world. His weight loss story is one to follow and one that always gets huge laughs.

10. Jeff Foxworthy

A fan favorite of rednecks everywhere! Foxworthy talks about everything from his crazy family to NASCAR and typical redneck things. His famous "You might be a redneck" jokes have made him millions! He also hosted the television show, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and endorses Golden Corral (How typical). Foxworthy will be out there slinging jokes until he drops dead. An awesome performance every time.

11. Henry Cho

Originally from Tennessee, Henry Cho is a hilarious guy that you wouldn't expect to be from Tennessee. I remember hearing a small clip of him on Sirius Radio and I asked my dad, "Who was that?" and he said, "Henry Cho". The accent and the name just didn't match up in my mind. Very funny guy, always touring.

12. Jo Koy

When Jo Koy comes on I immediately start dying of laughter. Koy has been slinging jokes for quite some time now and he has had some great success. He talks about his own life and everything crazy in it.

13. Anthony Jeselnik

Hold on to your hats here because Anthony Jeselnik is about to throw you for a loop. Known for being ruthless during Comedy Central Roasts, Jeselnik has tapped into the "Dark Comedy" niche and he has been successful. If you are easily offended, I am warning you right now, you WILL BE OFFENDED!!

14. Chris d'Elia

Justin Bieber's favorite comedian has been gaining popularity through social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Vine (when it was relevant). With multiple specials out for everyone to see, this (slightly) offensive comedian has been blowing up as of late.

15. Lewis Black

As he calls himself "The miserable aging Jewish prick", Lewis Black is known for his rant style of comedy. The story he is referring to in the video above is him having to follow Vince Gill and Amy Grant at a benefit for Tony La Russa. He uses A LOT of profanity. and by a lot, I mean A LOT!!!!!!! Lewis Black has had the fortune of doing a lot of shows for charity and with one of his great friends and fellow comedian, Kathleen Madigan. Lewis Black has had quite a bit to say about President Trump and will tell you like it is.

16. Jim Gaffigan

Ah yes, Jim Gaffigan. A clean comic who talks about his wife, kids, and food. Gaffigan is a practicing Catholic, but it never really comes out during his routines. He has put out 5 stand-up specials and has a television show on TV Land. Gaffigan's wife, Jeannie Gaffigan is the one who writes a lot of his jokes so she is aware of what he is putting out there. Gaffigan is climbing the ladder of success.

17. Brian Regan

Another clean comic, Brian Regan has been around since the 90's and has been killing the comedy scene. Talking about different topics like the science fair, little league, and airports. Another relatable comedian who will be around forever.

18. Ellen DeGeneres

Known for her daytime talk show, Ellen DeGeneres has made millions of people laugh, cry (in a good way), and dance. She started doing stand-up years ago and has been over the top successful. She serves as positive role model and a light in a world full of darkness. She doesn't do as much stand-up now, but she is still one of the greatest and funniest of all time.

19. Wanda Sykes

Talk about a hilarious woman! The comedian and actress has been making people laugh for years! While she has stirred up controversy, Sykes will always be around to do voice overs in movies and provide stand up comedy.

20. Pete Davidson

One of Saturday Night Live's youngest cast members, Pete Davidson is hitting it big time right now. At the ripe age of 23, Davidson has made two Comedy Central Roast appearances and has appeared on MTV's Wild 'N Out and Guy Code. He's a young kid from New York making it big time. Congrats to Pete Davidson!

I have a lot more comedians on my list, but that would be too many for one article. Comedians like Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Kathleen Madigan, George Lopez, Myq Kaplan, Nikki Glaser, Amy Schumer and others that I just couldn't fit on this list. 20 comedians is already a huge list for an article. We are in a time of division and laughter can help unify us. When we laugh we feel better and we worry less. Try and find laughter in this world like these comedians and we will actually be better off.

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