Halloween is nearly upon us! Which means everyone is hectically trying to figure out the perfect costume that displays talent, creativity, and accurately depicts their personality. Every year the bar is raised a little higher, with group costumes becoming more elaborate and fresh characters to embody are introduced in new movies and shows.

Burrito with extra guacamole


Everyone will appreciate this costume, even the guac haters.

La Croix Group


Which definitely wouldn't be complete without the exuberant person who insists they're delicious drinks.

A Robin Williams Ode Group


Dibs on Mrs. Doubtfire

Ice Cream


Extra points for sprinkles and chocolate syrup!

Cotton Candy


The perfect edition to ice cream, if you want a duo costume!

Bob Ross & Tree Painting


Art majors will be wowed if you pull this one off!

Mario Kart Group


This group really went above and beyond to sport their beloved childhood video game characters.

Jack Torrance


Don't forget to scream redrum all night.

Sushi galore


Pro: Each of your friends can be their favorite sushi roll!

Sassy Kermit


For the brazen tea-loving Kermit.

Will and Carlton


Instant 90's nostalgia will wash over everyone when they see these characters!

Seth from Superbad


The costume will require minimal assembly, but the laughs will be maximized with this crowd-pleasing costume.

Napoleon Dynamite, Kip, and Deb


Seriously, who wouldn't appreciate a good costume from this movie?

Rugrats Crew


Gather up the entire cast of Rugrats for a reunion!



Just make sure you have your fist curled all night, for full angry Arthur purposes.

Elliot and Gertie


E.T. fans will loose it when they see these costumes. They might even phone home.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy


Bonus if you can add a Spongebob to the group!

Retro Workout Barbie


Break out the leg warmers and sweat bands!

Pop Art Woman


Especially thrilling for lovers of vintage comic books!

Sims Character


The best part of this costume is you can wear anything or have a group as big as you like. Just add the green diamond and you're instantly recognized!

Whether you're competing in a Halloween costume contest or want to stand out this year, these DIY costumes will be sure to set you apart from the crowd! Hope you have a blast picking a fun costume and making it with things around the house!

Afterall, when were you ever going to wear that old sweater from the 90's? There's no better way to spruce it up than to transform into Will Smith or workout Barbie!

Happy Halloween!