20 Easy Ways To Make Your Day Better And Brighter
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20 Easy Ways To Make Your Day Better And Brighter

Everyone could use a pick-me-up now and then.

20 Easy Ways To Make Your Day Better And Brighter

We've all been there—you start your day off feeling sluggish with no real want to get out of bed and embrace the day... You're bored, you're tired and you're actually considering just how important work is or that first class of the day. It doesn't have to be this way—you can do this! You can most certainly conquer the day, all day long. It starts with changes to the beginning of the day and finishes with something amazing! A few small changes here and there can't hurt when it comes to changing the way your day goes and making you feel so much happier throughout the whole thing; no matter how mad or frustrated you get, there's always changes that can be made. Here are 20 simple ways to make your day one of the best by making it just a little bit brighter and more you:

1. Comfy slippers = warm toes

No one likes waking up and sticking their feet on cold floors in the winter, and a lot of people really hate not having something between their feet and the floor. Alleviate both problems by getting some comfy, and cute slippers to keep your toes feeling toasty.

2. Make a new friend...

Pets are especially fun to wake up to in the morning, and they can be a great reminder that you need to get out of bed. Fido may want his bathroom break, KitKat may want her tuna and Bubbles may stare at you if you don't drop food from the sky; don't upset your pets.

3. ...or maybe one you can't kill as easily

Pictured above is a Grafted Moon Cactus. Not only are they super colorful, but they are also incredibly easy to take care of and are really good at brightening your space. I have one on my desk, and I love the color it gives off.

4. A pretty bedset can lead to better habits.

The smart thing about buying a pretty bed set is that you want to be able to see it and how beautiful it is. The only surefire way to do this is to make your bed. See what I'm getting at? It's a great habit to start.

5. Change the wallpaper on your phone.

This is actually my new lock screen on my phone. I wanted something pretty and homey, and this was my favorite from the moment I saw it. Pinterest gives you access to so many beautiful wallpapers; take advantage of it.

6. Change your ringtone.

Everyone has a favorite song, and since the same old ringtone gets really boring, it's pretty simple to find a new one and replace it with something you absolutely love. You may even miss a call or two because you're singing along.

7. Make a "Get Happy" playlist on Spotify.

Think of a couple songs that are guaranteed to make you smile. Maybe it's your wedding song or something from your favorite show that makes you smile so hard your face hurts—that song. That's the one you want. Spotify makes it easy to create playlists and listen to them whenever you want.

8. Create a Pinterest board of only things that make you laugh.

Pinterest also gives you the opportunity to make something just for making you smile. So go ahead, find some things that are so stupid they're funny or a picture of a dopey-looking dog that makes you laugh so hard you cry.

9. Find your favorite comedian's station on Pandora.

Alright, I will admit, Jeff Foxworthy and Amy Schumer can make me laugh so hard that I can't breathe. Their sets are hilarious and kill me when I listen to them. It's an easy way to brighten your day.

10. Get a pretty shower curtain.

Whether you're a morning or night shower person, it's nice to see something pretty in your bathroom that has pops of color to either wake you up or help you appreciate the small things in life.

11. Choose a couple outfits that make you feel so great it lifts your spirits.

Clothes and jewelry really can change the way you feel about yourself and boost your confidence enough to make it through another boring day. Find something that makes you look great and feel comfortable.

12. Start a journal.

Journaling may seem like something that won't keep you happy, but trust me, it's great to get everything out at the end of the day. Also, something to remember—paper is silent. It keeps secrets better than anyone ever will.

13. Refresh your bucket list.

I know you may not think that this will make you feel better about your day, but the future can be really exciting. Plus, you've probably outgrown some of the things on your list or maybe even done some. It'll feel good to cross some things off your list.

14. Visit an animal shelter.

This might be the way you make a new friend, or if you're feeling especially loving, ask the workers which animal has been there the longest. Shower them with as much love as you can. You'll learn something about strength just by holding someone's paw.

15. Find and start a new book.

So the book that you've been dreaming about... The one where the main character falls in love with the reader? This is that book. Don't worry, though—that doesn't quite ruin this book. There is so much to learn about and discover when it comes to literature. Start something new, and fall in love.

16. Try something new.

Ethnic food is wonderful, and I highly recommend trying as much of it as you can. The next time you go out to eat, try something completely out of the blue, and see if you actually like it. Don't reject it just because it looks weird. Go for it.

17. Buy something small that you can keep with you.

I like the idea of having a special key chain to remind me that there is something just like it at home for me. They are all over my room, so this way I can have a little piece of home wherever I go.

18. Put something cute by your alarm clock to make you hate it a little less.

I have this little stuffed bear by my alarm clock. I got the bear a few months back from my family and I think it's the cutest little thing. I don't hate the alarm clock as much because I am reminded that they love me the second I wake up.

19. Decorate your doorknob.

This is an easy way to make you feel happier going into your room at the end of the day or shutting your door in the morning. My doorknob has my graduation tassel on it on the side inside my room; it's how I let myself know that it's just a couple steps past where I was to where I'm going. When entering my room, I have a braided bracelet wrapped around it; it was a gift from a friend who means a lot to me.

20. Clean up your social media accounts.

It's simple, really—unfollow the people you can't stand and the people who post things you hate. If you're worried about offending people on Facebook, especially family, you can now unfollow them while still being their friend. It's an easy way to make sure the unnecessary people don't stress you out for stupid posts or comments about things you can't stand.

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