20 college stories to reignite your hope in love
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Here Are 20 Love Stories To Show There Is Hope For Everyone

You don't hear those sappy college stories anymore, here are 20 for your reading pleasure.

Here Are 20 Love Stories To Show There Is Hope For Everyone

In this world of random hookups and the notorious, are they, aren't they; there needs to be a little hope for us college students. Where do we get our love stories. You rarely hear of any cute, love at first sight stories anymore, mostly for our age. To reignite your belief in love, here are 20 sappy love stories for how college students met their significant others.

1. Tinder, bumble, OKcupid

2. "I met my boyfriend two years ago when I transferred to a new university. We met on Tinder and after we ate at a local sandwich shop we never stopped seeing each other."

3. "Three years ago, through a local community theater production of "Catch Me If You Can" we were both in. We had met the summer before, but nothing happened until the summer of 2015. A summer's worth of flirting turned into an actual relationship that is still going strong!"

4." We met almost 2 years ago. I started going to the night club that his family owned. He didn't talk to me for a while cause he thought I was 15 (cursed baby face). But then he asked me why I don't take any parent lessons...I said cause I didn't have a partner, from then on we danced together every week. Our story is longer than that, but it honestly feels like faith brought us together and I couldn't be happier"

5. "Met him in 7th grade!! He was in a couple of my classes from middle school. We didn't start dating until 10th grade though."

6." We both had joined this group for freshmen on our campus, and I had seen him post in it every once in a while. The band at my school is called the Marching Southerners, and I noticed he was in it. I just felt like messaging him because why not (as all freshmen try to make friends) and we messaged back and forth and then I ignored him for like 3 days. After that I realized he lived right across the hall from my guy BFF, and decided to keep talking to him and messaged him again. A couple days later I was walking down the stairs with my guy BFF, and he happened to be walking up them... and the rest is history lol"

7. "We were rushing the same sorority my freshman year and her junior year!"

8. "I met my SO in 2014 through my dorm roommate! We were in college in Indiana and she was dating a guy stationed in Washington DC. I was in the background of their skype call one day and he said he had a friend for me! And long story short, we hit it off!"

9. "We met in middle school. It was the typical boy pulls girl's hair because he likes her type thing. (Cringey I know) We didn't actually start dating until high school though. Broke up for a bit once we graduated but eventually reconnected in college."

10. "I met my husband my freshman year of college! We were both in the Air Force ROTC program and attached at the hip since we met! Married 4 years later"

11. "I met my SO January, 2017. I went to a bar with my best friend where we ran into my co-worker that introduced me to his roommate — my boyfriend! We clicked immediately and started dating within a week."

12. "We were in choir in the sixth grade. We had been in the same class for the whole year so far but I never really noticed him. We were working on harmonizing for this song and I glanced over and he was smiling at me. I kept looking over at him and he would smile every time. After choir, I asked him out. Almost eight years later and we are planning a wedding and a family"

13. "Playing Pokémon Go in July 2017."

14. "So at freshman orientation, we were at the main assembly for the whole college before we broke off into groups to learn more about our specific majors, and I just so happened to sit next to this ANNOYING cocky southern boy who wouldn't shut up...

I couldn't stand him but at the same time was drawn to him. We split up into different groups, but I'd ran into him later and we ended up walking around campus and talking for probably a couple hours. I was mesmerized, but sadly I had a boyfriend at the time. After orientation we didn't talk, hadn't gotten each other's number or followed each other on anything so I always thought that was the end of it. A could've been. I'd see him around campus occasionally, always in passing and he never noticed me...

Then one night around Halloween sophomore year, I just so happened to see him on tinder and of course I swiped right. It wasn't an immediate match, but when I got that notification later that night my heart started pounding. We chatted, had an instant connection, and decided to hang out. He didn't remember me right off the bat, but knew he knew me from somewhere. I thought it was hilarious that he wanted to walk around campus as our first date, even though he didn't remember who I was...

The night was amazing, we hung out in my room for a bit before he went home. As he left he confidently said "be thinking about where I'm going to take you tomorrow". Tomorrow came, and at the end of the night he'd already made plans for the next day. We were immediately inseparable. We saw each other everyday that we could, and now we've even moved in together. Ladies, sometimes dreams do come true."

15." We met at a bar downtown"

16. "2014 at our first college because we were both athletes"

17. "At a work conference in Toronto"

18. "Omegle. That says it all. Also, it was 2013."

19. "Met him in 7th grade!! He was in a couple of my classes from middle school. We didn't start dating until 10th grade though."

20. "Marching band, one time at band camp…."

So there you have it every one, love is still alive and thriving on college campuses. Go out there and find your epic love.

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