20 'Basic' Things I Actually Love

20 'Basic' Things I Actually Love

Embrace the Basic

With Fall just arriving that means that the season of being "basic" has officially started. For some reason anything that comes with the season of Fall is considered "basic". I don't know why drinking Pumpkin flavored coffee while wearing leggings needs it's own label, but hey that's just the type of world we live in. If you've seen me around campus you probably think I'm the most basic bitch you'll ever meet. I wear leggings on the reg and you'll always see me drinking an iced coffee, but I genuinely enjoy both of those things. I don't care if you think I'm basic, I like what I like and I am not going to change that for some stereotype that I apparently fall under. I know lots of others are in the same boat as me and just have a love for "basic" things and I want you to know it's okay to embrace your basicness, especially in its prime season. I thought I'd share my list of my favorite "Basic" things that I actually love.

1. Pumpkin Flavored Anything. It's a really good flavor I'm not sure why you wouldn't like it.

2. UGGs. They are comfy and it gives you an acceptable excuse to wear slippers around in public.

3. Iced Coffee. It just tastes better with ice in it.

4. Grey's Anatomy. This show is amazing and Shonda Rhimes really pulls at your heartstrings.

5. Apple Picking is fun and yeah I'm going to post that cute Instagram with my flannel on picking an apple.

6. Leggings are just better than any other type of pant out there. I feel like I am wearing a hotter version of sweatpants.

7. Victoria's Secret sells some of the best pieces of clothing and pajamas ever. I also enjoy most of their signature scents, like "Pure Seduction" is my shit.

8. Patagonia's are also extremely comfortable and warm and I think they are just a tiny bit more attractive than my ratty sweatshirts.

9. White Converse literally go with everything and make your life just 10x easier.

10. Flannels feel like sweatshirts but look really cute, especially with your leggings and white converse (and probably your Victoria's Secret 'Body by Victoria' bra)

11. Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I keep up with the Kardashians all the time, they are entertaining and they take my mind off school and occasionally either Khloe or Kourtney become my spirit animal.

12. Brunch is yummy and everyone should like it. End of story.

13. The Bachelor, Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise. I'll admit I get a little too invested in the relationships from this show, but I really don't care.

14. Owning an iPhone. It's the age of Apple right now, so if you don't own an iPhone, good for you, you're not basic.

15. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show gives me life. All those models SLAY (yes that word is also basic).

16. Pinterest is one of those things that I can spend endless hours on.

17. Fall is just a quality season in my opinion. I love the weather, the colors of the leaves, and all the activities it brings. I also love Halloween and everyone on the Holy Cross campus also loves it. If you don't like it, then don't be fake and go out dressed up on Halloween.

18. Selfies. I love and appreciate a good selfie, and you should too.

19. Gossip Girl. Chuck Bass is a literal god and I would love to be his wife.

20. Snapchat Filters are so entertaining. I love the new deer filter. It's so cute.

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Cover Image Credit: Just For Laughs-Chicago

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