20 Most Annoying Roommate Habits

20 Most Annoying Roommate Habits

Either living with people really sucks, or I have a very low tolerance for people.

I've only had two sets of roommates, and I'm already fully convinced that everyone sucks. Here are some things that inconsiderate roommates have a tendency to do.

1. Leave their disgusting dishes in the sink

2. Let their food sit out two days after it's been cooked

3. Smoke cigarettes in the apartment like it's no big deal

4. Use your stuff without asking

5. Complain about you having company over

6. Have all the company they want over after complaining

7. Change the temperature from normal to the depths of hell

8. Turn on hot water while they KNOW you're in the shower

9. Lock the top lock, leaving you to freeze in the cold

10. Leave the t.v. on all night

11. Leave the lights on all night

12. Take up all of the storage space

13. Give their boyfriend a key without asking

14. Sing loudly with friends when you're trying to sleep (or at all)

15. Take the trash bag out of the trashcan and just leave it on the floor

16. Eat your food

17. Lie about doing the annoying things they do

18. Let you clean, cook, and do all of the household chores without even offering to help

19. Steal your rent money

20. Try to be around you more than you already have to be

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I'm The Girl With The 'Cool Mom'

"I'm a cool mom, not a regular mom!" - my Mom
"I would like a cheeseburger, with a side of cheeseburger, and see if they can make me a cheeseburger smoothie." - Lorelai Gilmore (a notoriously cool mom)

A cool mom really just isn't a regular mom and if you have one you'll feel me on this.

A cool mom really is just like having a real life Kris Jenner, shes a mom but also an awesome bestie at the same time! (If you aren't into the Kardashians it's basically like an episode of Gillmore Girls.)

Growing up with a cool mom means all of your friends love your mom almost as much or even more then they love you. You get used to it.

My cool mom is the perfect balance of what every other mom does and says, but she's also the greatest friend I could ever ask for.

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You can tell her everything and receive the best advice, the type of advice a friend your age just can't give.

Get yourself a mom who will whip and nae nae in the car with you.

A cool mom is someone who digs our generation's music and even sings and dances with you whenever you are together.

Oh, and my cool mom, yeah I'm definitely never embarrassed to be out in public with her, she's just that cool.

Having a cool mom who just so happens to also be beautiful just makes her even cooler.

We share makeup and clothes and shop just like friends do, but no one will give you a more honest opinion than a cool mom does.

If you have a cool mom you know all your friends are on a first name basis, 'Mrs. so and so' just doest fly around a cool mom.

Cool moms make the best DD's.

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A cool mom will always be there for you no matter what time the party ends, she'll always be there to pick your drunk self up, even if its 3am.

She'll ask you things like "so how were the boy's anyone cute?"

Don't even get her started on girl drama.

Once someone crosses you and you've told your mom about it that person will forever be on a cool moms sh*t list.

If you get really lucky your cool mom might even go out with you and your friends. Not only will she be the 'MILF' in the room but she will be the best wing woman around.

There is truly nothing better than having a cool mom, because she just gets it.

P.S. Hey Mom I know you're reading this so thanks for being cool.

Cover Image Credit: Natalie Elizabeth

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To My Best Friend And Roommate, I Am So Proud Of The Woman You Are Today

Through the years, I've watched you grow up with me, and I couldn't be prouder of everything you have accomplished.


Sophomore year of high school seems like just yesterday, and so long ago all in the same breath. That was the year we met, and where our whirlwind of a friendship started. I can't believe we were just 15 years old, sitting in classes together, and not realizing the journey we'd be put on, and where it would bring us today.

I have seen you grow through the years. From the bad breakups, especially the one that brought us together in the first place, to you accomplishing things like getting into so many amazing colleges, and graduating damn near the top of our class in high school. I have seen you through the highs and lows of high school. I've also been blessed to see you grow through our college years. I wasn't kidding when I told you I cried when I got the text from you saying you decided to go to UF. Words can not express how happy I have been to be your roommate these past 3 years and to see you blossom into the woman you are today.

You are doing so many amazing things with your life. You are graduating this year, and starting on your Master's. You are accomplishing your dreams and you are just stepping foot into the career you've hoped for. You have found happiness in the life you are living and when I say I'm one of your biggest fans, I mean it because your happiness brings me happiness. You are my best friend and I rejoice in your accomplishments, and when you feel low, I do too. I never thought that I could have a connection with a friend as deep as I do with you. You are not only my roommate, but you are also my best friend, one of my closest confidants, my late night Glee binge partner, the person that I have come to have so many inside jokes with, and so much more beyond that.

So as I come to realize that this may very well be the last few months we live together, I will cherish these times. I will cherish all of the nonstop giggle fits we have on the couch, the endless rants we have about how boys can be so stupid sometimes, all of the late night trips for food because for some reason our bodies always crave the same junk food. I will cherish everything because I know that while we are growing up, we are also growing into ourselves. I have seen you grow into an amazingly beautiful, wonderful, self-confident, headstrong woman, and I could not be more proud of you. I have learned so much through the years by being your friend, and I can only hope that it's in God's will that we continue to stay friends.

I love you to the moon and back Jas.


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