19 Ways To Celebrate Your 19th Birthday
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1. Have a Themed Party

College kids love those.

2. Play Laser Tag with a Group of Friends

Who doesn't love trying to shoot your friends with lasers in the dark surrounded by neon lights?!

3. Post a Birthday Instagram Pic

Buy those balloons in the shape of 19 and go crazy with photos.

4. Go to a Concert

See who's playing in town on the weekend of your birthday, even if you don't know them; just grab a few friends and try something new!

5. Take Advantage of Birthday Freebies

There are so many restaurants and stores that will give you free things or discounts just because it's your birthday! Google your favorites places and see what you can find.

6. Go to a Playground

It's your last year as a teenager. What better way to spend it than being a kid one last time?

7. Go to a Movie

There's nothing like crying your eyes out, laughing 'til you can't breathe, or keeping your eyes partly closed while watching a movie with friends.

8. Spend Time with Your Family

Remember that it's your parents' special day too! Spend some time with them (even if it's just a FaceTime call) to thank and appreciate how much they've done for you over the years.

9. Explore Your City

If you have a car or know someone who does, ask if they want to go on an adventure with you and visit places you haven't been to since college started.

10. Have a Spa Day

Lush has the best smelling products I have ever experienced and you would be crazy not to buy everything in that store.

11. Go to the Beach/Pool

Wherever you can find water by your college, invite some friends to let loose and relax on your special day.

12. Binge-watch Netflix

Maybe you haven't caught up on your favorite show in a long time? If you're not in the mood to go out, Netflix and chillin' by yourself is totally acceptable.

13. Go Ice-Skating

If you have a winter birthday, ice-skating is a great way to celebrate and get close to your friends. Literally. Because you might fall if you aren't close by holding their hands.

14. Have a Sleepover

I know some dorms are tiny, but if you invite one or two of your closest friends over and lay out a ton of blankets, you can watch movies, eat food, and have the best time together.

15. Ride a Rollercoaster

Go to a nearby amusement park with friends or family and scream at the top of your lungs while riding the craziest rides.

16. Karaoke

Grab a microphone at a nearby Karaoke bar and sing like Troy and Gabriella with your friends!

17. Go on a Road-Trip

Be spontaneous and spend the weekend visiting a nearby city you've been dying to explore!

18. Paint

Places like Painting with a Twist or Pinot's Palette are miracle workers. They tell you exactly what to paint and how to paint it so, even if you don't know what you're doing, your painting says otherwise.

19. Go Bowling

A little competition between you and your friends never gets boring so head to the closest bowling alley and strike up a game (bumpers being completely necessary in my case).

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