19 Ways To Recreate Your Favorite 'The Office' Halloween Costumes
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19 Ways To Recreate Your Favorite 'The Office' Halloween Costumes

Every Halloween I tell him the same thing, "You can't bring weapons into the office."

19 Ways To Recreate Your Favorite 'The Office' Halloween Costumes

You know how every single season of "The Office" is equipped with a Halloween episode? And you know how it never, ever gets old?


If there are two things that I have absolutely obsessed over recently they are: the popular sitcom and what I will be wearing this Halloween. So, I figured what better way to get everyone in the spirit for Oct. 31, than to reminisce on some of the best costumes "The Office" has ever seen? And if you are still struggling with creating your own costume, maybe this will spark some ideas. You can also get a Dunder Mifflin ID badge and immediately transform yourself into Dwight, Jim or Michael.


1. Pumpkin Man

This wasn't Dwight's costume, per se. Nevertheless, you would by far be the most festive at any party you chose to attend.

2. The Scranton Strangler

Most people might not know what you are, but those aren't the people you want as friends anyways.

3. A Pig

It's just as simple as a nose.

4. Kerrigan From Starcraft (Later a Jamaican zombie woman.)

I actually have no words for this.

5. Hannibal Lecter

Season 5, Episode 14 and 15. Watch. Them.


6. A Frumpy Cat

So young, so sweet, so innocent, so simple.

7. Olive Oyl

She didn't even need a Popeye.

8. Charlie Chaplin

An original idea, for sure. Until everyone thought she was Hitler.


9. Book Face

If you really aren't into the whole Halloween scene, this may be the one for you.

10. Three Hole Punch Jim

They're even selling pre-made three hole punch shirts nowadays...

11. Dave

I've also seen this done with an abundance of adjectives, with "Drunk" being the most popular.


12. A Mass Murderer


13. A Puppy

You would be extra warm and cozy!

14. Wendy From Wendy's

A fan favorite.


15. Lady Gaga

Clever, Gabe. Clever.


16. A Dinosaur

When the senator asked what he was, Oscar replied with, "I'm the electoral college!" So, if you chose this costume, you would even have a punch-line!

17. Uncle Sam

You can even be patriotic on Halloween!


18. Michael Moore

It's almost uncanny how realistic this is.

19. Charlie Brown Featuring Angela As Nancy Reagan

Literally as simple as a t-shirt.

So there you have it. Now you have all the information necessary to recreate your own "The Office" Halloween. And for all of you hardcore fans out there that have children:

This. Just this.

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