19 Thoughts LSU Students Have Taking An Exam In Himes

19 Thoughts LSU Students Have Taking An Exam In Himes

Himes: a room full of stress and anxiety.

While having to take an exam is already stressful enough, LSU's testing center, Himes Hall, makes it x10 worse. This is the place where hopes go to die (slight exaggeration). Though we all wish we could avoid it, all LSU students have been there at least once to take an exam. I honestly can't point out what it is that makes Himes suck all the happiness out of you, other than the fact that you're taking a test, but the place is slightly depressing and scary. When experiencing this anxiety-filled journey, most of us have several thoughts racing through our heads, much like:

1. "Please God, let me make it to Himes in time for my testing window"

I always take advantage of those 15 minutes they give you to be late.

2. "If the line to get into Himes is all the way into the Quad, I'm just going to take the "L" on this one and leave"

Even though you know you won't, and you'll stand with your 30 other classmates, waiting to enter death, I mean, Himes.

3. "Why does the inside of this building look like an airport security line?"

4. "Does the cell phone detector actually work or??"

5. "Aw the little old lady that works at the check-in desk is so cute"

She probably knows I about to fail this.

6. "If I drop out of college I could always just work here and become her BFF"

OK, it's possible that I might be the only one that actually has this thought.

7. "Wait, what seat number did she give?"

8. "OK, now I just have to find my seat without looking like a creep staring people down"

9. "It's so quiet in here I've never noticed how loud I am at sitting down"

10. "I wonder if the people next to me are failing or thriving?"

Because I'm probably failing lol.


10. "Oh wait just kidding, we're good"

11. "Why are there so many staff members here just staring at us?"


13. "Quick, make it look like you were just concentrating"

14. "Wow how is the person next to me already done, they just sat down?"

15. "Wait, how long have I been in here? If one of the staff members come to tell me I only have 15 minutes left I'm going to friggin lose it"

16. "Pretty sure everyone in here knows I have no idea what I'm doing"

17. "OK get it together, if there are people who can do brain surgery, you can take this exam"

My mind is the 90s Blair Waldorf, and I am the fat big wearing the jean hat.

18. "Just a few more questions and then I can go home and eat my feelings"


How I look walking out of Himes knowing I may have just failed.

Cover Image Credit: Lori Larsen / Facebook

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40 Small Things That Make College Students Happy

It doesn't take much...

1. When class is canceled.

2. When the coffee shop you stop at five minutes before your 8 a.m. has a short line.

3. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

4. Open note tests.

5. Or even better, take home tests.

6. The unofficial assigned seating process that that takes place after the first week or so of classes.

7. Thursday nights. (because in college, Thursday qualifies as the weekend.)

8. Sales.

9. Or once again, even better, free things.

10. Specifically free food.

11. Dogs.

12. Dogs on campus.

13. Tailgates and Saturday afternoon football games.

14. Finding an already completed Quizlet for your exam.

15. Having an extra 30 minutes for a nap, and if you're lucky, an hour.

16. Netflix.

17. When your roommate takes out the trash.

18. Weekends after test weeks.

19. The rare blessing of a curve on an exam.

20. Getting out of class early.

21. How in college, it is socially expectable to wear a t-shirt everyday.

22. Being able to walk from class to class or eat in the dining hall without having to see anyone you know. (and thank goodness too because you probably don't look too good.)

23. Crossing things off of your to-do list.

24. Your best-friends that you make in college.

25. A full tank of gas.

26. Seeing a new face everyday.

27. Crawling back into bed after your 8 or 9 a.m. (or after any class that ends with a.m.)

28. Care packages.

29. No cover charges.

30. When adults tell you that it is okay that you have no idea what you want to do with your life yet. (regardless of what parents or your advisor may say.)

31. Pizza.

32. Finding out you weren't the only one who did poorly on the exam.

33. Deciding not to buy the textbook, and never needing it.

34. Finding the perfect gif to express how you're feeling. (Michael Scott just get it.)

35. Weekends at home because...

36. Pets.

37. Mom's home cooked pie and Dad's steak dinners,

38. Spring Break.

39. Road trips.

40. When it finally starts to cool down outside so you can show up to class dry instead of dripping in sweat.

Cover Image Credit: Abigail Wideman

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10 Ellie Schnitt One-Liners Every Girl In Her 20s Needs To Hear

From Sorority Girl Twitter to voice of reason real quick.


As some of you right now probably is, there once was a day I too had no idea who Ellie Schnitt was. Now she one of my all-time favorite people; and we've never even met.

In 2018, she seemingly appeared overnight on everyone's Twitter timeline. Now she's living up every current Odyssey writer's fantasy by creating content for Barstool Sports straight out of school. While some dismiss Ellie as "everything wrong with Twitter" simply for tweeting her daily thoughts, I think she's vital to the platform.

In this day and age, it's hard to be a female, especially one in their 20s. There are expectations, disappointments, laughs and tears. Now more than anything we ladies need to a have a voice in the void looking out for us and letting us know it's OK to feel how we feel because we're not alone.

Here are some one-liners every twenty-something needs to hear by another twenty-something who just gets it.

1. When you're having trouble accepting that your feelings are valid.

Let's face it, the world would be a much better place if we were just honest with everyone about what we REALLY want out of life.

2. When the world is trying to convince you that being "selfish" is a negative trait. 

Ladies, it's time we stop considering being selfish as something to be ashamed of. Sure, there are certain circumstances, but learning how to put your own needs first is part of being successful.

3. When you need a quick reality check.

Part of learning how to be selfish also involves learning when and where to be selfish. There are times when you come first, but there are also times when you need to be a pillar of support for someone else, it's only fair.

4. When men try to knock you down a peg but it's 2019.

Highlighter in 2019 is the equivalent of belly button rings and low rise jeans in the mid-2000s, if you've got it, then rock it.

5. When you feel like you never even left undergrad and life feels strangely familiar.

Despite what your Facebook and Instagram feeds seem to be telling you, it's OK not to have your life completely together directly after undergrad. Sometimes it takes a year )or a few) to know exactly what you want to do with your life, that's exactly what your 20s are for.

6. When you start to question how much you should put up with.

Why deal with someone more than you have to? Sometimes the bare necessities is all you need.

7. When you need more some self-love than usual. 

Snap a selfie when you're having a really good makeup day, heck, post it while you're at it even though you just posted a pic yesterday. Take some nudes solely for the reason to admire yourself in them, it's OK to feel yourself in 2019.

8. When you're trying to explain that you HAVE closure but also kinda don't.

You know when you're scrolling through Instagram and you see the man who was never really your man suddenly eloped with his girlfriend of five minutes and you're still having wine nights with your dog? Yeah, this describes exactly how that feels.

9. Sometimes, we all still need even more reassurance than we thought we did. 

But in the end, that "break-up" with your man that was never your man helped you grow into the person you are today. Heartbreak and all, you've grown stronger through it all.

10. And most importantly, when you need to remind yourself what the real issues in life are.

Like I said, you're in your 20s You're allowed to have fun and enjoy yourself, and most importantly scam men for free alcohol.

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