17 'Riverdale' Revelations All Fans Agree To Be True
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17 'Riverdale' Revelations All Fans Agree To Be True

We can all agree that this show had us on the edge of our seats.

17 'Riverdale' Revelations All Fans Agree To Be True
The CW

Remember the "Archie" comics? They have so many universes where the characters take on different lives, and the hit show "Riverdale" was created based off of a combination of some of them. I personally love the show and am so excited for it to be returning on Oct. 11, but I still can't get over what's already happened in season one so far. Here are 17 thoughts that any "Riverdale" fan has based on what's already happened so far.

There are spoilers!

1. Ms. Grundy is a terrible person.

There are the select few who like her (I've never met anyone who does), but for the vast majority, she's a terrible person. I had hopes for her halfway through her spotlight in the first season because she seemed reasonably level-headed, but like Betty blatantly pointed out before she started digging through Grundy's car, that woman did not seem like the person she was saying she was. And from what we knew at that point, Betty had a lot of potential to be a great detective. When she broke into Grundy's car and found her license, we all knew that Grundy was just not a good person to be seen with. OK, so maybe after that I still hoped Grundy's story about her ex was true, but I highly doubt it now that I've seen how careless Archie is when it comes to how he acts with the people he dates.

2. Archie needs to stick with one girl.

He did not let Betty down easily, and it annoys me how he attaches himself to a girl and immediately thinks they are meant to be together forever. When he was with Valerie, I can't say that I really liked her, but I did not enjoy how Archie ignored her. I felt bad for her when she broke up with him because she was not treated well, and I thought Archie would actually learn from it. Sadly, it seems that he didn't because when Betty announced that she and Jughead were an item, Archie seemed pretty jealous. We'll just have to see if Veronica is the exception to his long list of failed relationships.

3. Betty's black wig was not that cute.

I've heard this from a lot of people, and I definitely agree. Even Chuck says it in a later scene. Betty was amazing in that scene when she revealed a new side of her personality, but the wig did not look great. That was the first time that Dark Betty was shown without being hinted at, and the way that Betty completely switches personalities hints at issues regarding how she's doing emotionally. Overall, it was probably a great moment for Betty because she could finally express how she felt without worrying about being the "perfect girl-next-door," but it's just that the wig wasn't amazing.

4. Dark Betty needs to show up more often.

Like it was mentioned in the previous bullet point, Dark Betty is a completely different side of Betty that shows how she feels under the mask she's put on to make everyone else happy. Dark Betty is Betty's way of letting out the thoughts that no prim and proper girl would dare say out loud, but as someone who is quickly getting tired of trying to live up to others' expectations, Betty is probably going to show off this part of herself more often.

5. Jughead deserves more than what he's going through.

Jughead is the "outsider" of the community, and considering his dark past and damaged family, it's no wonder he deserves a much better life than he currently has. The scene where he called his mother to see if he could go to Toledo is heartbreaking because he is rejected and has nowhere to go. Archie's dad thinks he brings trouble, his dad is in jail at that time and his mother doesn't think he should stay with her. His personality shows that he's really protective of those he loves because he doesn't want them to leave him like others have in the past.

6. Cheryl also deserves better than how she's being treated.

Cheryl is a bit of a drama queen, yes, but she likes the attention because she is underappreciated and underestimated. Cheryl is extremely powerful and flaunts that when she is in school, but life at home with her parents is a different story. Clifford Blossom says in one scene that he should have chosen Cheryl to take over the family business instead of Jason, and although that was focused on because of the clear message it gave out about the murder mystery side of the plot line, it also showed that not many people think highly of Cheryl when they first see her. And when she burns Thornhill to the ground, it seems pretty obvious that her mother, Penelope, hates her.

7. Archie's problems are nowhere as serious as everyone else's.

Archie is a nice person, but come on. He takes his problems way too seriously. He has to decide between music and football while Betty's family is breaking apart due to hidden secrets and the Blossoms, Veronica's dad is in prison and ruining families while Jughead has no family and is constantly being betrayed. Archie needs to calm down just a little bit because his personal issues are what a common teen goes through. His friends, on the other hand, actually have to deal with dangerous situations that are ruining their lives.

8. Hermione is trying her best to balance being a mother with what Hiram is putting her through.

Lots of people dislike Hermione for the illegal activities she's done that have dragged Veronica into some tough situations. For example, she forged Veronica's signature on an important document and begged for her husband to buy the drive-in land by bribing the mayor. Those are definitely sound arguments to dislike Hermione, but she is still trying her best to be a good mother to Veronica. Hermione's husband, Hiram, has pulled her into these messes that make her seem irresponsible and shady, but she knows who Hiram really is when Veronica has only seen him as the man who she looked up to as a fatherly figure.

9. The Blossoms are flat-out crazy.

This doesn't need any arguing because that family is pretty messed up. Especially when Penelope points out that nothing can be "more pure Blossom" than Polly's babies, and Jason's killer is another story. There isn't that much of an explanation for this except for that things like power, money and secrets can drive families apart.

10. Where's Pop Tate?

Maybe this isn't something that most "Riverdale" fans wonder, but Pop Tate sits behind the counter and doesn't have any speaking lines! It's pretty funny to think about because he really doesn't do much, but I felt really bad for him in the last scene at the diner because of what happened.

11. Bughead should be endgame.

I've heard my fair share of arguing from both sides. It's either, "Bughead is overrated and rushed," or they say, "Bughead is endgame and can get through their problems." I personally agree with the latter statement just like the majority of "Riverdale" fans I know, but I know that the journey to get there will be tough and will potentially make it tough for Jughead and Betty to always be together. No relationship is perfect, and a small glimpse of that was seen from episode 10 onward. It's just a matter of how the duo fights off their demons to stay together and if they question the value of the relationship.

12. Who calls their children "Jughead" and "Jellybean?"

I bet you've at least taken one second to ask yourself this question before. I grew up with the Archie comics, but I still can't get over how the nicknames "Jughead" and "Jellybean" came to be. I'd like to know the story behind that, but until then, my number one request is to actually meet Jughead's sister Jellybean and see the full story for why she and their mother left Jughead and F.P.

13. Betty's facial expressions are gold.

She makes some expressions throughout the show that are equally hilarious and priceless. We've all probably caught at least one of those faces and laughed about it.

14. There should be more dream sequences.

And there are theories and assumptions being made about dream sequences happening more in season two. The one dream sequence that took place in season one had a 50s theme that resembled the original comics. Lots of people enjoyed it, and having more dream sequences would be pretty interesting to watch in the future. They take on alternate universes just as the "Archie" comics do.

15. F.P. Jones makes a lot of mistakes, but he does care about Jughead.

Jughead figured out toward the end of the season that his dad only took an interest in his writing because he wanted to know who Jughead thought killed Jason. When F.P. was arrested, Jughead was devastated because he really thought that his father had turned around and cleaned up his act. The viewers were also pretty angered with F.P., but it just seemed like there was more to the murder mystery than quickly assuming F.P. killed Jason. So the question was: Why F.P. was taking the blame for the murder? And later on, Jughead says that F.P. confessed because Jughead would be killed just like Jason if he did not take the blame. In the end, F.P. isn't anywhere near being "Dad of the Year," but he sure does care for his son's safety.

16. Kevin Keller has some really good lines in the show.

Kevin wasn't seen that much in season one, but he sure did steal the spotlight when he was on camera. He had some great lines in the show that are tough to forget, and that made him a great character and friend to the other members of the gang. Thank goodness he's becoming a regular character in season two.

17. The final scene of "Riverdale" was a huge plot twist.

One thing that I didn't like at first (which I appreciate now) is that the killer wasn't as surprising as suspected. I guess some things (like a surprising killer) happen so often that they eventually become cliche. It seemed pretty disappointing at the end of episode 12 to know that the killer was Clifford Blossom because I expected someone else as a better option. But that just made the ending of the last episode better. When Fred Andrews got shot in the diner, none of the shock was taken away from the newly developing plot of that scene because people did not focus so much on Jason's killer. People were ready to watch episode 13 without thinking so much about the previous episode, so everyone was completely surprised by the ending of the last episode.

"Riverdale" returns on Oct. 11 on the CW, and I'm excited to return to watching it again!

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