19 Things Guys Say And Do

19 Things Guys Say And Do

If you didn't put #gains on your gym selfie, did you even really workout?

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Boys think that girls are complicated, but so are they.

1. "I don't need directions. I know how to get there. We're not lost. We're just... taking the scenic route."

2. "I haven't cried since I was like five years old."

3. "She didn't dump me. I dumped her."

4. "Does this tank make my arms look bigger?"

5. "Why do girls take so many selfies?"

6. *flexes for the camera*

7. "People who go to Starbucks are so basic."

8. "Uh yeah I'll get a venti, iced, half-caff, ristretto, 4-pump, sugar-free, cinnamon, dolce soy skinny latte."

9. "The most beautiful part of a girl is her personality."

10. "Damn look at that booty. I'd tap that."

11. *has never experienced a period before* "Periods aren't even that bad."

12. "Look at what she's wearing. She's definitely asking for it."

13. "Mixed drinks are so girly."

14. *takes one sip of a margarita*

15. "Babe, I don't know why you're mad at me for not texting you back. You JUST texted me like... two weeks ago."

16. "I really want a girl who challenges me."

17. "You know where I can get protein powder for cheap? No gains, no game."

18. "Babe, she's just a friend. Like yeah we used to have a thing, but I swear she's just a friend. You're the only girl I care about."

19. "Bro, you want to come over to my place tonight to play video games? We can get something to eat too if you're hungry. Like... it wouldn't be a date or anything... but we could go to Olive Garden or something."

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