19 Songs To Send Your Special Someone

Gone are the good old days of mix tapes and c.d.'s, much to the misfortune of the younger generation. This trend ending was truly tragic, but luckily, Spotify has entered the scene to fill the void a little bit. If you're looking for the perfect way to say how your feel to that special someone, I have the ultimate, non-cheesy, unique Spotify playlist to send their way.

1. Oxygen - Colbie Caillat

"And how am I supposed to tell you how I feel? I need oxygen."

In this confession of a song, a young woman is trying to tell someone how she feels and all they could be. It's perfect for the person you've been crushing on forever, but you feel like they've never noticed you in any way other than friends. You know what they need, and you could give it to them, but you don't know how to say it out loud.

2. My Beautiful Rescue - This Providence

"I'm falling more in love with every single word I withhold. I'm falling more in love with every single word you say."

In this romantic tune about a guy trying to hold his tongue, every second makes it harder and harder to keep his love a secret. This one is for the person who is about to explode from holding in their feelings for so long. Everything that person does is magic to you, and you want them to finally know it.

3. High of 75 - Relient K

"Now I'm sunny with a high of 75, since you took my heavy heart and made it light."

This one goes out to the person who makes your heart feel a hundred times lighter. You can be in the darkest, most stressed out mood, any their presence just flips everything around. They make you appreciate life to the fullest, and brighten any moment.

4. Must Have Done Something Right - Relient K

"If anyone could make me a better person you could. All I gotta say is I must've done something good."

Relient K gets double recognition. This classic is about that person who makes you want to be better. You might feel like you don't deserve them, but you're willing to work to prove yourself. You know that you'd make the perfect team, and having them in your life feels like a huge blessing.

5. I Would Do Anything for You - Foster the People

"I don't know what the plan is, but you can share it with me. 'Cause I'll be a listening ear to everything you say. I won't turn away. And I'll listen -- open up my heart. I must say that I love you."

This one is for the person who has shown you a new side of love. This relationship (or beginning of one) is different than any one previously. You want to say that you're all in, and you're dedicated to making this a beautiful thing.

6. You and I - Ingrid Michaelson

"I will help you read those books if you will soothe my worried looks, and we will put the lonesome on the shelf."

"You and I" is a special way to tell someone that as long as you have them, you're all set. You don't need a fancy ring, car, or money. All you need is to spend every day growing and laughing with that special person in your life.

7. My Eyes Adored You - Frankie Valli

"Carried your books from school. Playin' make believe you're married to me. You were fifth grade, I was sixth, when we came to be."

This one goes out to that special crush you've had since you were young. Maybe you've been friends forever, and it's finally time to say how you've always felt. Or, it's possible that this person has suddenly come back into your life after a long time, and the chemistry is still there.

8. Catch Me - Demi Lovato

"Before I fall too fast, kiss me quick. But make it last so I can see how badly this will hurt me when you say goodbye."

"Catch Me" is the ultimate song for the person who's afraid to love again. Maybe your last relationship really hurt you, and you're terrified to open up again. This is your way of telling the other person that you may have a few walls to break down, but they are too amazing to pass up a chance with. It's your way of saying, "Please go easy on me."

9. Wally - Aslyn

"I never stopped falling in love with you, Wally. From the first day I saw you I was sailor-bound, I just knew. You had me, I was yours."

A timeless ballad, "Wally" describes an epic romance between a woman and a sailor. Every day your love grows for this person, and they're who you want to be with forever. You can use this song to tell them how you feel about them.

10. Sweet Pea - Amos Lee

"Sweet pea, apple of my eye, don't know where and I don't know why, but you're the only reason I keep on coming home."

This one is for all you people with special someones that keep you going. Life can be so stressful and feel impossible at times, but then you remember that you have this light to go back to every day. They center you, lift your spirit, and give you hope during the worst struggles.

11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine

"Have I found you, flightless bird -- jealous, weeping -- or lost you, american mouth?"

Iron & Wine have such a way with words. This one is for that special moment. You know the one -- where your eyes meet, and you realize that this person would do anything for you, and you'd do anything for them. You wonder if this is the person you'll spend the rest of your life loving.

12. Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg

"I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I loved so much. All of the while I never knew. All of the while it was you."

Maybe you've always felt comfortable in a certain place or group, and then one day you look up and realize it's because a certain person who was there all along. They make you feel comfortable, included, and safe. It's only now that you realize that they've been what's made you happy the entire time.

13. To Be Alone With You - Sufjan Stevens

"I'd swim across Lake Michigan. I'd sell my shoes. I'd give my body to be back again, in the rest of the room. To be alone with you."

This song is for the case in which your crush or significant other makes you willing to get off the couch and physically exert yourself. You would do anything for them, including swimming across a lake. You're missing that person, and you would do whatever it takes to get a glimpse of their smile.

14. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys

"If you should ever leave me -- though life would still go on, believe me -- the world could show nothing to me. So what good would living do me? God only knows what I'd be without you."

Your significant other betters you in every way. They help you find your purpose, as well as the path it takes to achieve your dream. Without them, you'd be completely lost. They've become a focal point in your life.

15. Arms - Christina Perri

"You put your arms around me, and I believe that it's easier for you to let me go. You put your arms around me and I'm home."

This one goes out to all of you who feel you carry a lot of emotional baggage (I'm right there with you). "Arms" describes someone who feels like they'll never deserve their significant other. It'd be easier for that other person to just leave and cut the cords, but instead they stay. That person is your home and your support system.

16. The Words - Christina Perri

"And I know the scariest part is letting go, 'cause love is a ghost you can control. I promise you the truth can't hurt us now. So let the words slip out of your mouth."

We're going back to back with the Christina Perri hits. This one is my favorite of hers. You and this person might have a complicated past or maybe you're best friends. Either way, the truth is in every look you give each other, and everyone can see you're meant to be. However, neither one of you has had the courage to say it. The narrator in this song is begging the other person to say it out loud so they can finally be together and figure things out.

17. Intertwined - Dodie

"Numb, fine. You create a rarity of my genuine smile, so breathe. Breathe with me. Can you drink all my thoughts? 'Cause I can't stand them."

This one is for that special person who acts as your shelter. They are the person you run to with any problem or stress-inducing situation, and with a hug they can take all the bad away. You might feel plagued by negativity, depression, or anxiety, but they give you a break from all your demons. They put you back on your feet.

18. (Girl We Got A) Good Thing - Weezer

"Girl, we got a good thing. You know where this is heading. Just a couple lovebirds, happy to be singing."

Weezer is severely underrated. There, I said it (My boyfriend will be very happy to read that sentence). This relaxing tune is perfect for those couples who are smooth sailing and on top of the world right now. You guys are ready to take on the world together and handle whatever is thrown your way.

19. Kill the Director - The Wombats

"I've met someone that makes me feel seasick. Oh what a skill to have, oh what a skill to have. So many skills that make her distinctive."

A personal favorite of mine, "Kill the Director" is for the person you've just started getting butterflies around. They make you nervous, jumpy, and even a little dizzy. It's the beginning stage of what could be an epic love story.

Did any of these songs resonate with your situation? Send the perfect song on to that special someone! Do you still need time to work up the courage? Listen to the full playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/user/1222343951/playlist/... . Happy pining!

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