When you move to another city or state for college, it becomes pretty clear that you were not born in or grew up there. And for me, this is exactly what happened. I came from the East Coast and ended up going to school in Southern California, so it was very obvious that I was from the opposite side of the country. For all of you out-of-staters like me, here are signs that definitely show everyone you're not from SoCal.

1. You don't freak out when it rains, and you can also calmly drive on the highway when it rains.

2. You are enjoying the 60-degree weather by wearing shorts and a tank top while everyone else is bundled up head-to-toe in jackets, scarves and hats.

3. All you want to do is go to the beach and spend every waking moment there when everyone else has absolutely no desire to go.

4. You think that X Mexican restaurant from your hometown is the best you've ever had, but in reality, it doesn't even compare to the Mexican food in Southern California.

5. You basically have a foodgasm every time you eat an In-N-Out burger with animal style French fries.

6. You genuinely get annoyed by skateboarders.

7. You actually stand at crosswalks and wait for the walk signal.

8. You referred to California as simply Cali when you first moved out here for school.

9. You experience road rage every time you're on one of the highways because no one knows how to drive or use a blinker.

10. Your break your bank every time you get gas because it's significantly more expensive out here than it is at home.

11. You're constantly amazed at how many activities there are to do in Southern California, and you never seem to find yourself bored.

12. You're always in awe every single time you step foot in Disneyland, but your friends aren't even the slightest bit phased by this magical place.

13. Your skin is always about two shades lighter than everyone else.

14. You lost your cool the first time you experienced an earthquake.

15. You are still mesmerized by all of the gorgeous palm trees around you.

16. You're surprised to find that all of the malls out here are outdoors.

17. You find it extremely strange to hear that almost all of the high school campuses comprised of lockers, lunch tables and kids walking to class outside.

18. You think it's strange that no one out here uses the public transit system.